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White Supremacy: Florida Man Get more Than 3 Years In Prison For Racist Threats! Calls Himself Antifa Hunter!

In 2020 some people still believe in and make a difference between blacks and whites. We all saw what happened with George Floyd besides that some white people oppress black people.

Does Black Lives Matter?

In Florida, a man who called himself the Antifa hunter. All this happened when he waged an online campaign to terrorise and harass those who opposed his white supremacist ideology. Furthermore, he used social media to threaten black activists to deter the man from running for office in Charlottesville, Virginia.


McMahon also admitted that he threatened to assault the young autistic daughter of a North Carolina woman who protested against white nationalists. Here is the problem exist talking about equality. People are behaving like illiterate.

McMahon’s the Antifa hunter!

Most of the McMahon’s cyberstalking victims know him as Jack Corbin. Under that pseudonym, he posted social media intended to deter a black activist, Don Gathers, from running for a seat on Charlottesville’s city council. Moreover, he used to call himself the Antifa hunter.

Also, as a reference to anti-fascist, leftist militant activists who confront or resist neo-Nazis and white supremacists at demonstrations.


Also, McMahon accused Gathers of attacking a white supremacist group member who later pleaded guilty to shooting counter-protests at the United the Right rally in Charlottesville in august 2017. McMohan called for using a diversity of tactics against gathers, which authorities interpreted as a euphemism for violence.

On Monday, Gathers told McMohan that he prays he may find a way to forgive him someday. Eventually, McMohan gets more than three years in Prison for racists threats.

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We all should keep one thing in mind that all lives matter.

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