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White Lotus Season 2 Confirmed, Release Date Status, Cast Change & Other Updates

White Lotus Season 2

White Lotus Season 2

This year has produced a slew of buzzworthy, meme-worthy shows. And one of the most talked-about shows was HBO Max’s original limited series The White Lotus. The six-part satirical comedy-drama is a social commentary on white privilege, and what better setting than a tropical resort for that?

It follows the guests and employees of the White Lotus resort as they encounter snafus and deal with tumultuous relationships during what is supposed to be a luxurious and relaxing Hawaiian island getaway. Everything begins as a typical vacation, with a few minor hiccups, but it all unravels and ends in someone’s death.

Of course, given how things ended, it’s difficult to see how another season could continue the story without ruining the show. As a result, many viewers were wondering if it would be renewed for a second season.

Here’s everything we know so far about The White Lotus season 2.

White Lotus Season 2 Cast:

White Lotus

Okay, so Season 2 will essentially be its own thing. This is setting up The White Lotus to be an anthology series similar to American Horror Story, with a new cast of characters and a different setting but similar themes.

The second season will feature new guests, staff, and a new resort location. Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, Haley Lu Richardson, Michael Imperioli, Murray Abraham, Adam DiMarco, Tom Hollander, Leo Woodall, Meghann Fahy, and Will Sharpe are among the cast members.

Aubrey will play Harper Spiller, a woman on vacation with her husband, Will, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And they’re on vacation with their friends, Theo and Meghann’s characters, Cameron and Daphne Babcock. Haley will play Portia, a young woman accompanying her boss. Murray will play Bert Di Grasso, a senior citizen who is traveling with his son Dominic (Michael) and grandson Albie (Adam). Quentin, an English ex-pat, will be Tom.

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White Lotus Season 2 Renewed or Not?

white lotus season 2 has been officially renewed.

White Lotus Season 2 Release Date

There is currently no set release date for white lotus season 2. Nothing has been said about when season 2 will begin filming, but we wouldn’t expect it before 2022.

White Lotus Season 2 Plot

The first season followed three groups of guests as they tried to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Maui, only to have everything go wrong and end in unexpected death. Because showrunner Mike White will be involved in the second season, we can expect it to follow a similar path—perhaps without involving murder, but who knows?—and force its high-profile visitors to confront their moral failings. It remains to be seen whether they actually learn from them this time.

“Mike has once again delivered a quintessential HBO show, and it’s the talk of the town,” HBO EVP Programming Francesca Orsi said in a statement following the season 2 announcement. “After finishing this epic chapter in Hawaii, we were thrilled to hear where he wanted to go next, and we can’t wait to keep following him wherever he takes us.”

Is there a trailer for White Lotus Season 2?

Not yet, because filming is still in its early stages. The news of renewal was first reported on August 10, 2021, so it is still current. However, you can relive all of Season 1’s satirical-comedic goodness by watching the original trailer below.

Where to watch White Lotus Season 2

The first season of The White Lotus is now streaming on HBO Max and the HBO Max app. Season 2 will be available on all of these platforms when it premieres.

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