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Wheeler Got Out And Kremer Takes On Yanks

Dean Kremer, Orioles right-hander goes for a repeat shutdown of the Yankees on Sunday after he pitched one-run ball over six innings.

The Starters

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Kremer was got from the Dodgers as they sent away Manny Machado, all as a part of a deal in 2016.

The starter in the Yankees Stadium for New York is Jordan Montgomery, and Spencer Howard will replace Zack Wheeler as a starter for Phillies.

Wheeler ripped his fingernail thus delaying his match to Monday or maybe even longer than that while José Ureña acts as a starter for Marlins.

The Rays

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On the other hand, The Rays are the first major league to have left-hand batters. Awesome right? And soon we will get to see what Tampa Bay has in store for the Red Sox sooner.

The Rays positioned their left-handed batsmen against Andrew Triggs, and later the Red Sox brought in Matt Hall who was startled with a home run by Yoshi Tsutsugo.

Left-hand batsmen are more common now that it is not difficult to find them more famous, but there is undoubtedly something up with the players changing their prominent hands.

The Ray’s manager Kevin Cash said,

“Thinking about it last night after the game, we don’t know their pitcher very well, Triggs, We’re not even sure how deep he’ll go in the game, but we know we have plenty of right-handers that if they decide to go left-handed at certain points, we have options.”



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