What is the software like on Chromebook?


The software will more less always load faster than most Windows computers .

Crash next to zero times

Free for most of it

Can get any kind

You can make your own kinds if you want too

The Extensions will not slow down your computer to much as long as  you use the right kinds

Most SEO companies will have some kind of Chrome Extension in place meaning this can be very useful when you are relying on  Chrome software

I type all my  documents in Microsoft word. What can I do on a non Windows computer? Chrome has Windows build in so you can easily use that type of software through Extensions or OpenOffice if you prefer that instead.

Advantages over Windows software?

Most windows computer will often crash even when you first buy them since the Windows operation system is often very bad designed from speed viewpoint  part of why if you want a fast one you need to spend around $1000 to get the speed for bigger jobs but in Chromebook you can buy one for $200 or less which will be as fast as a more expensive windows computer.

You could use your Chromebook for 6 months and find crashes at most once but on Windows computer be at least 20 times .

Windows updates take between 30 minutes to 6 hours normally so can give you long time to date but for books they normally done within 30 minutes or at most 1 hour.


Most Windows update make the computer run a lot less efficent than the last update meaning if your computer normally  starts up within 2 minute now it may take between 4 minutes to long but when Chrome does any update the speed never goes down and more less always runs better.

Very cheap to buy

Very easy to carry since a light weight amount from each of them if you had to get your son or daughter one this could be smarter if they are younger and not able to carry a heavier laptop for now  .

Disadvantages of one

IF you are always using Windows based software it may annoy you not being able to run Windows themed software from within your Chromebook for now such as  Microsoft Excel or Scrapebox .

If you have a problem and you need someone to contact for support next to zero people to exist so far so that may annoy you to start with.

Hard Drive space will be very small so if you are into say taking photos of videos, the memory of the computer  will not be suitable for as such you would neeed to rely on Storage websites such as Google Drive or Dropbox, among other ones you may use.

No Disc drive exist in any so far

If you need to use Teamviewer that   would not work on it, so you would need to use something else for that function so far.

A lot of businesses still rely on Windows for software use so you maybe forced to keep a Windows computer for some things. 

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