What is PMP Certification?

Project management has become increasingly important in today’s corporate and industrial sectors. The genuine worth of competent management for a company or business has almost always been recognized because it may elevate a company or business to new levels of success and profitability. Project management is increasingly becoming a crucial component of strategic moments because it enables firms to establish control over ongoing initiatives and ensure that they are on track, under budget, and on schedule. A team without effective project management may move without purpose, direction, or control, much like a ship without a rudder. So it is a false economy to execute projects without using excellent project management.

The team that helps organizations allocate resources, tasks, and accountability efficiently is project management. Additionally, it makes sure that crucial elements like the schedule, the workforce, the available time, and the budget are not compromised. In fact, it gives the complete team the appropriate guidance and leadership to accomplish goals in accordance with the terms and circumstances of the business. Additionally, it keeps the client and project management team working together, offers a clear vision for success that is guaranteed, and aligns everyone around the necessary requirements for success. Therefore there is a great demand for skilled and experienced project managers who have gained PMP certification, as this credential is necessary to become a perfect project manager.

So this article gives you all the details about PMP certification.

What is PMP Certification?

PMP refers to Project Management Professional Certification offered by the world’s leading organization PMI ( Project Management Institute). It is a globally recognized project management credential that can validate a candidate’s ability to manage the people, resources, processes, and business priorities of a professional project. It is also known as an elite group of project managers that provides project leadership experience and expertise in any way of working.

PMP certification proves that the candidate has the ability to lead and direct projects for any organization and in any industry. It also represents their skills to manage projects successfully. To gain the PMP certification, aspirants must meet some prerequisites and then pass an exam of 180 questions. Basically, this specialized exam was designed by project leaders for project leaders to gain real-life project management experience through relevant questions.

Basically, PMP certification is a trusted symbol of a candidate’s management skills. In fact, it is proof that the candidate is highly skilled in the following mentioned areas.

  • People- The main feature of any ongoing project is its workforce. PMP certification provides you the ability to effectively lead and motivate a project team or workforce throughout a project to get goals smoothly.


  • Process- Without any proper process, a project is worthless. Through PMP certification, project managers can use predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches to determine that can be the best way of working on each project.


  • Business Environment- PMP-certified project managers have more ability to make a project succeed so they can highlight the success of a project and its impact on overall strategic organizational goals.

Prerequisites for PMP Certification- There is a lot of dedication and hard work required to earn a PMP certification. Prior requirements for this certification are a bachelor’s degree with at least 36 months and an associate’s degree with at least 60 months of experience is essential.

It also requires a secondary degree that involves 7500 hours as a project leader/director and 35 hours of project management education. While for four years degree it requires 4500 hours as a project director/leader and 35 hours of project management education.

To register for PMP certification exams, a fee of $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-PMI members is required for application formalities.

Topics for PMP Certification Exam- This exam involves five types of topics in project management, including Initiating ( 13%), Planning ( 24%), Executing (31%), Monitoring and Controlling ( 25%), and Closing ( 7%) of proportion in exam questions.

Salary Aspects of PMP Certification Holders

PMP certification is one of the great credentials and is considered the gold standard of project management certifications that can help candidates with around 16% higher salaries than those without certification. A PMP-certified project manager can earn around $120000 per year as an average salary. One can increase earning potential with this specialized certification course. Several employers are hiring PMP-certified professionals to yield a high return on a company’s investment as they can reduce project spending and increase profitability for the organization.

PMP certification is an essential requirement for higher posts in the project management field across all industries worldwide. This certification is specially designed for professionals like Project Managers, Assistant/Associate Project Managers, Software Developers, Team managers/leaders, project engineers/executives, or any other relevant project management job roles.

Benefits of PMP certification- PMP certification is essential for every project management expert as it provides core topics essential for project management job roles. PMP certification course offers you to learn new emerging trends, practices, and technologies along with core competencies required from a project manager. This course helps you earn skills such as basic project management skills, work breakdown structure, mathematics project scheduling, Gantt charts, resource allocation, etc.

One of the top advantages of PMP certification is that it helps candidates showcase their skills and get their work recognized worldwide. It also helps them get better and increases career opportunities. PMP certification holders are most probably known as experienced professionals, as this certification is a symbol of excellence in the field. It is also a medium of demonstrating your dedication to your work. It adds value to your resume as employers give preference to certified candidates compared to non-certified candidates. It can improve your corporate circle so you can interact with people pursuing the PMP course and those who are already certified.

Wrap Up

In today’s competitive business world, skilled and experienced project managers are an important asset to any organization who is responsible for all the success and failure of a project. They are aimed to lay the foundation for business by planning project workflows and ensuring the right and efficient execution. Here PMP certification helps them to fulfill their responsibilities with essential skills and techniques in order to become perfect project management professionals. So if you want to make a career in this domain, opt for this highly reputed and sought-after PMP certification course and take your career graph to new heights of success.


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