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What Happened to Tonya on ‘Little Women: LA’?

What Happened to Tonya on ‘Little Women LA’

Fans of the Lifetime reality series Little Women: LA have been deeply concerned for Tonya Banks and her health, and many people have wondered what happened to Tonya on Little Women: LA .

It turns out that Tonya was battling Bell’s palsy, a temporary paralysis on one side of the face. She previously blamed her condition on stress and was seen wearing an eye patch. Tonya is coping with her medical condition during a therapy session.

What happened to Tonya on “Little Women LA?”

Tonya told her co-star Terra last night on Little Women that she was doing better. To determine if you have Bell’s Palsy, look for difficulty closing your eyelid and an inability to taste food.

The condition does not have a specific cause, however there are many potential viral causes. It is most common in pregnant women during the third trimester of their pregnancy and anyone could be affected at any point in time.

Bell’s palsy can be treated with steroids and it takes between 1-2 months to recover fully. Tonya still made a point of visiting Terra after her surgery despite the condition and gave her some tough love when she got backlash from her castmates about Dancing With The Stars . The ‘Little Women LA’ star has always encouraged other mothers to be a stay-at-home mom, something she never did.

I was on TV for 18 years and shot about 40 movies before I had my first daughter. And I think because I’m such an educated woman–educated financially but also academically–I really didn’t know There are other contestants on the show who have experienced medical woes as well. Christy McGinity Gibel shared that she also had a stroke and has been wearing an arm brace because of it .

Sufferers of Bell’s palsy will find it difficult to close their eye and may also experience ear pain, drooling, difficulty tasting food, and sensitivity to sound. The condition has been linked to several viruses in the past including herpes though the actual cause is unknown. When anyone is pregnant, they are most vulnerable during their third trimester.

Bell’s palsy can be treated with steroids, which may take up to two months for the full recovery. Tonya still made time to visit Terra after her surgery, despite the backlash she was given by some of her cast mates.

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Tonya Banks was challenged by the wilderness retreat in “Little Women: LA.” This is not the first time a medical condition has caused problems among these reality stars.

“Dancing with the Stars” dancer Christy McGinity Gibel revealed that she suffered a stroke after undergoing major spine surgery, and Tonya Cooper also let it be known recently on “Little Women: LA” that she had spent years struggling with health issues.

‘It was taking away from your life. It was taking away from your health. It was taking away from your kids. And it was even affecting my marriage,’ she added.

These are not the only two contestants who have dealt with health troubles this season. Christy McGinty Gibel also revealed that she had a stroke after undergoing a major spinal surgery.

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