Westworld Season 4: What Can We Expect From The New Season?

westworld season 4
westworld season 4

Westworld is a show that is set in the future. Visitors from all over the world use robots to experience a futuristic amusement park that has a Western theme. The park allows participants to hunt ‘androids’ who are human-like creatures. They are met with problems when most of the robots start malfunctioning and they frantically search for a solution.

Westworld Season 4 Announced at HBO After Successful Third Season

The plot of Westworld: Season 4

The finale of the third season of Westworld is all set to be aired on Sunday. If you have a Netflix account, you can watch it as soon as it is released. The show is a little hard to follow in the beginning but is so intricately stitched together, the viewer can’t help but want to watch another episode.

Season 3 followed the rise of Dolores and her android army that plan to take over the real futuristic world. There are lots of speculation over the past of Caleb, Solomon, and Cerac. The fourth season will show us more of their past but nothing can be confirmed before the season finale is aired. There are lots of theories that can be explained in Season 4.

The identity of Rehoboam will be revealed and it could be Serac. We have seen Serac escape many times because he’s a hologram. The theory suggests that he is already dead is searching for another host body because he needs to survive. Dolores might be faced with a problem because Charlotte has seen the death of her family and intends to take revenge. Will the loyal soldier betray her general?


The show will follow the futuristic world of LA in 2050 since Dolores is looking for Rehobaum to destroy the simulation once and for all. Viewers were presented with a new location and the creators plan to explore this new angle. The show could also explore the angle of Caleb being Serac’s son. Theories have sprouted on Reddit which explains that Caleb is one of the only characters to ever be reprogrammed. This means that the character could have a powerful connection in the real world, which is Rehoboam.

Westworld': HBO Renews Sci-Fi Drama For Season 4 – Deadline

Release date of Westworld: Season 4

Official release dates have not yet been confirmed by the creators but we can expect another season of Westworld. HBO informed the audience that the show was confirmed for another season in April 2020. Production has not started because of the ongoing pandemic, and we have no confirmation on when it will start either.

The cast of Westworld Season 4

The cast of Westworld will remain the same, but nothing can be said until the finale is aired. We can say that Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton will be returning as Dolores and Maeve. Tessa Thompson will also be back. As for Aaron Paul, we will just have to wait for the season finale.


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