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Westworld Season 4 Cast & Character Guide: Everything You Neeed To Know

Westworld is back for its fourth season, and it’s safe to say things have changed a lot since we first met it in season one. After season 2, the central action moved away from the parks, and season 3 focused on the AI ‘hosts’ infiltrating the real world, transporting the action to a Blade Runner-esque futuristic city.

There have also been some cast changes, with Dolores (apparently) dying at the end of season 3 and Aaron Paul’s new season 3 character Caleb becoming an important part of the ensemble.

But what can we expect from Season 4? Which cast members and characters will return, and who will join the show for the first time in the new episodes? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the Westworld season 4 cast.

Westworld Season 4 Cast & Character Guide

Evan Rachel Wood in the role of Christina

Evan Rachel Wood returns in the new season of Westworld, but she takes on the mysterious new role of Christina. We know Wood from the previous three seasons as Dolores Abernathy, but her original character died in the Season 3 finale. We meet this new character in New York, where she writes stories for video game NPCs, but her world is turned upside down when a man frantically tries to contact her, claiming she is controlling him.

Wood’s performance in the series has received widespread acclaim, earning her two Emmy nominations for Best Lead Actress – Drama. Season 4 looks like it will take her in some exciting new directions. Dolores appears to be on her side now. After a fantastic run as the revolutionary Dolores, Woods faces a new challenge with this new character. Nonetheless, Westworld is riddled with mysteries. Hopefully, we’ll find out what Christina and Dolores have in common soon.

Tessa Thompson in the role of Charlotte Hall/Dolores Abernathy

Tessa Thompson appeared as Charlotte Hale in the first season. Hale first appeared in the role of an antagonistic business mogul. However, as the show progressed, the character grew significantly. She eventually becomes Dolores’ extension, but by the end of Season 3, they are enemies. Charlotte will be seen in the new season pushing for the evolution of Host-kind regardless of humanity’s own path. Thompson’s star has risen dramatically since she was cast in Westworld. She is currently starring in Thor: Love and Thunder as Valkyrie, the new ruler of Asgard.

Angela Sarafyan in the role of  Clementine Pennyfeather

Angela Sarafyan will return to Season 4 as Clementine, but the exact details of her return remain unknown. She, like much of the main cast, was absent from the season’s first episode. Her Host form will most likely appear in the park’s new season. In Season 4, she only had a minor role, assisting Maeve on her mission with a newly printed version of herself. We’ll have to wait and see how everything plays out as the new season progresses to find out what’s in store for Clemintine.

Thandiwe Newton in the role of  Maeve Millay

The return of everyone’s favorite Host to the new season is fierce. Thandiwe Newton reprises her role as Maeve Millay. Maeve, who was set free at the end of Season 3, is now living in a remote area. But she is pursued by Hosts and forced to kill them all. She then discovers that the hosts were sent by William, and she must reunite with Caleb in order to protect additional targets. Newton’s performance in the first three seasons was one of the show’s most lauded aspects. She was nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in all three seasons and won in the second.

Jeffrey Wright in the role of  Bernard Lowe

Bernard Lowe will be played again by Jeffery Wright. The fate of the character is unknown. Bernard discovered the key to the Sublime in his mind in the Season 3 finale. In search of answers, he enters the void and becomes idle. He is shown waking up in a post-credits scene following the finale, but he is absent from the first episode of Season 4. His future role is one of many mysteries that will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. Wright’s performance as Bernard has earned him three Emmy nominations. He previously won an Emmy for his performance in another HBO series, Angels in America.

Luke Hemsworth  in the role of  Ashley Stubbs

Luke Hemsworth will reprise his role as the headstrong Ashley Stubbs. Stubbs was last seen nursing a fatal wound from William’s hands as Bernard entered the Valley Beyond. It’s unclear where we’ll find him when he appears in Season 4. He may return to his role as Head of Security for the new mafia park, but for the time being, this remains a mystery.

Ed Harris in the role of  William/The Man in Black

Ed Harris as William, aka The Man in Black, is perhaps the most mysterious of them all. By the end of Season 3, he’s declared war on all remaining Hosts in the world. In the end, he appears to be killed by a Host version of himself. However, when Season 4 begins, we see a younger William attempting to strike a major deal for a facility at the Hoover Dam. We’re still waiting to see how things play out, but it’s safe to say this William isn’t the same one who spent all those years in Westworld. Harris received an Emmy nomination for Best Lead Actor for his performance in the second season.

Aaron Paul in the role of Caleb Nichols

Beginning with Season 3, Aaron Paul played Caleb Nichols on Westworld. Caleb lives peacefully with his new family in California after the dramatic events of the previous season. Maeve discovers William’s plan to pursue Caleb. She pursues him, and he agrees to accompany her to protect William’s next target. Paul is a television legend best known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. He has five Emmy nominations and three wins for Best Supporting Actor for the role. Paul will reprise his role as Jesse in the final episodes of Better Call Saul.

James Marsden

James Marsden returns to round out the main cast. However, perhaps the biggest mystery still to be solved is how he fits into this new story years after Teddy Flood’s death in Season 2. Marsden was absent from the third season entirely, so there are no hints of what’s to come for him in Season 4. Hopefully, he’ll run into Christina again and continue the story of star-crossed lovers.

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