TruTV’s Tacoma Fd Season 4

Set in Tacoma, Washington, truTV’s comedy ‘Tacoma FD’ follows the namesake city’s firemen, who are bored to death owing to the region’s lack of fire risks.

Naturally, diehard fans must be eager to see what the future holds for their favorite comedy

However, some good news: we know that Season 4 will occur. According to Deadline, TruTV renewed “Tacoma FD” for a fourth season on November 3, 2021

Barring any unexpected character additions, “Tacoma FD” will almost certainly return with the same core ensemble that has helped the show succeed thus far

Terry, Eddie, and others spend much of their time in the firehouse at the third season in the third season, enjoying different diversions

The implications could affect Terry and Eddie, especially their future ambitions and objectives

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