Season 2 Of Run The World

The four Black ladies’ strong camaraderie is at the heart of the show

STARZ has announced that the second season

so we can expect the second season to be released at the end of 2022

Season 1 of Run the World received mixed reviews from critics. Season 2 of Run the World is expected to be well received by the audience

– Whitney Green(Amber West) – Ella Mcfair(Andrea Bordeaux) – Nick Sagar (by Anderson Louise). – Sondhi Hill( Corbin Reid) – Sasha Hutchings (by Hope) – René Ross(Bresha Webb) – Erika Alexander (by Barb) – Tosin Morohunfola (by Olabisi Adeyemo) – Stephen Bishop (by Matthew Powell)

Whitney and Ola’s connection will be addressed in the upcoming season

Run the World Season 2