Julianne Hough And Charlie Wilson’s Relationship Ended

It is done. After dating for less than a year, Julianne Hough and Charlie Wilson have broken up, a source exclusively tells In Touch

“They were physically attracted to each other but didn’t gel emotionally,” the source says, adding that they broke things off a “few months ago.”

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant and the male model was caught on camera sharing a passionate kiss in November of 2021 in Los Angeles

A different source at the time told In Touch that the couple had only been dating for a “few weeks,” but that their relationship had already become quite serious

Hough “liked” that her new beau was “caring” and that he is a father of “two young children,” though,

at the time, the Footloose actress had not met his little ones, said the insider. “Obviously, he’s not lacking in the looks department!”

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