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Talking about the biggest story of the times, the wildfires have proven the ultimate destruction. Recently, these wildfires have destroyed the cities of Oregon and California. Also, the big news of the time is that nature is all set to take revenge.


Firefighters there in the cities are struggling badly to get a hold on the fires. But, it keeps on running out of the hands of the concerned authorities. Yet, the thing which has posed a small help to fight this fire tragedy is the weather.
It is the weather that has become somewhat a helping hand to the firefighters. The winds there have diminished, and even a presence of humidity has added an extra dose of help.


Talking about the death toll in these cities of Oregon and California makes a cumulative of about 23. Yet, the official data is to be announced later.
President Donald Trump is all set to visit the cities on Monday, the press release of White House announced recently.

The evacuation plan to save lives in Oregon has already been put in place. And, about 40,000 people have been sent to safe areas. The process of saving lives in these wildfires is being carried out massively.

A big breaking on the legal front in the matter can be the arrest of a person. It is the same person is suspected to be associated with the incident of these fires in Southern Oregon. Fire Marshal of Oregon, Jim Walker, has already been replaced by his deputy.

The move comes amid irresponsible behaviour or the incompetence of the acting officer in handling the matter.
Washington Governor Jay Inslee has marked this incident, not an “Act of God”, indeed a result of climate change.

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