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uo, ee, 15i, k, 28v, ioj, Wayne Rooney Scores Stunning 87th-Minute Free-Kick As Man Utd 1-0 Win Over Norwich - The Tech Education
Source: Goal.com

Wayne Rooney Scores Stunning 87th-Minute Free-Kick As Man Utd 1-0 Win Over Norwich

The Final minute where Wayne Rooney scored a remarkable 87th-minute free-kick to grasp victory for Derby against Norwich. The Manchester United legend displayed once again that he’s still got it. With an extraordinary moment of the essence to claim a significant first win of the season for Phillip Cocu’s side in the Championship.

It was a crash and grasp achievement for the Rams in a game that needed the talents of goalkeeper David Marshall to keep them in the game. Additionally, it fell to Rooney to provide the moment of magic to alleviate the tension on his Dutch manager. The 34-year-old, who is England’s all-time prime goalscorer, stood over the ball from just outside the D after Lukas Rupp brought down Jason Knight. He then thrashed absolute excellence into the top corner, giving the keeper zero chance.

Wayne Rooney says treatment of footballers during pay-cut talks is a 'disgrace' | Football News | Sky Sports
Source: SkySports

The away side tried to hold on until the final whistle to claim a massive three points. The visitants did ride their fate with Teemu Pukki dropping a penalty for Norwich and Marshall delivering two spectacular saves to deny the Canaries. Derby’s first three matches resulted in a hat-trick of losses to Reading, Luton and Blackburn.

Wayne Rooney’s Past Football Years:

However, Rooney’s magic will lift the club as they head into the international break. Social media swelled with praise for the match-winner. With many fans still relishing the fact, he could always provide such prominent moments so late in his career. Rooney spent thirteen years at Manchester United after coming through at Everton. In his course at Old Trafford, he drew in a mass of trophies and thumped 183 goals in 393 displays.

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Wayne Rooney proudly shows off son Kai, 10, at football training as fans go wild for 'future star' | Daily Mail Online
Rooney and his son Kai. Source: DailyMail

He reverted to his boyhood club Everton for one season, scoring 10 in 31. After a short consignment in America at D.C. United, he came back to England to sign for Derby last season. He demonstrated an essential addition at Pride Park and often popped up with meaningful moments.

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