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Was Jason David Frank Married? How Did He Die & Did He Commit Suicide?

Was Jason David Frank Married?

Was Jason David Frank Married?

Was Jason David Frank Married? Jason The TV industry is sad about David Frank’s death. The star had been married twice and had filed for divorce from his second wife just a few months before he died. The actor was also a proud parent to his children. On November 20, it was confirmed that Jason had died, which shocked all of his fans around the world. It didn’t take long for people to send condolences to the 49-year-old on social media.

The actor, who is best known for his roles in the Power Rangers series, used to fight professionally in mixed martial arts. A person who worked with the actor saddened confirmed to TMZ that he had died. fans have been thinking about how the actor helped make some of their best childhood memories.

Who Was Jason David Frank’s Wife?

Jason had been married twice. Shawna Frank was his first wife. They got married in 1994 and were together for seven years before filing for divorce in 2001. Shawna, unlike Jason, kept her private life out of the news, and she kept doing that even after the divorce.

After they broke up, Jason David Frank married Tammie Frank. Tammie is a Muay Thai instructor with a black belt, a sky driver, and a co-star on the show My Morphine Drive. They were married for 19 years until August 2022, when they decided to split up.

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How Many Children Did He Have?

Jason was a father to four kids. Hunter, Skye, and Jacob were his three children from his first marriage. Then, his fourth child, Jenna, was born to him and his second wife. Even though Jason was on screen a lot because of his roles in the Power Rangers franchise, he kept his kids out of the spotlight.

His ex-wife Tammie, on the other hand, often posts pictures of their child.

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Jason David Frank Death: Cause Of Death

TMZ says that Jason David Frank’s body was found in Texas after he had killed himself. Even though no one knows why he died yet, many fans are trying to find out what might have happened.

Fans Mourn Childhood Icon’s Death

People didn’t know what to say when they heard he had died. As of right now, his family hasn’t said anything. But fans were quick to talk about the good things they remembered about the actor. One user wrote, “#RIPLEGEND, you will be missed as everyone’s favorite Power Ranger Jason from their childhoods.” Another said, “Thanks for the memories, OG. You were an inspiration to my generation and made us all want to learn martial arts. We will miss you. RIP.”

“My heart goes out to this great legend’s family,” wrote someone else. “He was quite a person who touched a lot of people’s lives both on and off camera. I will always remember what he taught us and how kind he was. Jason, thank you.”

“Today, a legend, a memory from my childhood, and an icon died,” said someone else. “My best friend and I used to watch Power Rangers together, and hearing that the face of the franchise had died broke my heart.”

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