WandaVision: Wanda’s Powers May Pave The Way For Some Exciting Changes In The MCU

WandaVision is easily the weirdest things that Marvel Studios has ever done. Keep in mind, this is the same studio that made a movie with a talking racoon and a walking tree. WandaVision’s not even out yet, but the few shots that we’ve seen of it hint at an utterly bizarre show.

WandaVision’s Plot Is Still A Big Question Mark

Still, this begs the question, what’s it about? We likely won’t find out for a while longer. However, we can speculate as to what’s going on. One thing that I can say with some certainty, is the entire show is going to take place inside Wanda’s head.

This would be obvious to anyone based on the fact that we see Paul Bettany’s Vision in the show’s teasers. He died when Thanos ripped the mind stone from his head near the end of Avengers: Infinity War.  However, he seems alive and well in WandaVision.

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WandaVision’s Tone Is Quite Fascinating

There’s also the name of the show itself. “WandaVision” sounds an awful lot like “television”. The few moments we’ve seen of the show also hint at a twisted sitcom style. We even saw a glimpse of Elizabeth Olsen in the classic Scarlet Witch costume.

We also know that Elizabeth Olsen is going reprise her role in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. All of this leads me to one conclusion – Wanda’s already in the Multiverse in WandaVision, and she’s eventually going to end up bringing the X-Men into the MCU.

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WandaVision May Lead To The Introduction Of The X-Men

For those of you who don’t know, Wanda is technically a mutant and a member of the X-Men. However, Marvel Studios have had to rework her character for the MCU, since they couldn’t officially call her that. This was due to Fox owning the film rights to the X-Men.

However, Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox means that the film right of the X-Men are with Marvel Studios now. Kevin Feige has also hinted at the fact that mutants are coming to the MCU. There’s also a third piece of the puzzle that fits a little too well.

WandaVision Could Reference House Of M At Some Point

One of Scarlet Witch’s most famous moments in the Marvel comics comes in a storyline called “House Of M”. The storyline itself is extremely complicated to explain, but it is most famous for the fact that Scarlet Witch used her immense power to get rid of all the mutants in the world. Her saying “No more mutants” as a part of this story is an iconic comic book moment.

I could definitely see the MCU using a similar moment to do the opposite. Instead of getting rid of all the mutants, it may create all the mutants. We don’t know anything for sure, but that’s my wild theory for where WandaVision could go.

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