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Violet Evergarden Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Story & Spoilers 2021

Kyoto Animation accepted the challenge like a boss to convert the novel written by Akatsuki into an anime series. That’s how Violet Evergarden came into the scene with the same name as its novel. As a result, fans witnessed an epic anime series unfolding before their eyes. In view of its first release in 2018 with 13 episodes, the series didn’t take long to become famous among the fans. Now, fans await the release of season 2.

Fans are expecting the release of the new season in fall 2021.



Season 1 proved to be a massive success among the fans. It left them wanting more from it as is the case with any other series. However, they may have to wait a while for its official announcement regarding its release. Due to the current pandemic, anime producers are forced to work from home. This may take them more effort to produce it and the works involving in it. So, we may see its release in early 2022.


Season 1 left fans with a number of questions regarding the fate of Gilbert, father of Violet. He says something to her as the episode ends. His voice is heard through Violet’s heart like an echo. The reason for his disappearance is a mystery. Some say that he died during an action. However, the ending answered some of the questions. Some mysterious person appears before the ending of the season and fans decode that it is actually Gilbert. The reason fans think of him as Gilbert is by seeing the reaction of Violet. It is quite possible we may see the return of Violet’s father in season 2.

Violet has still high hopes for her father’s survival. Her father leaves her on a journey of self-realization so that she can find ways to survive on her own. And by the ending of the episode, she finally realizes it. Now that she has learned how to live, Gilbert may return in season 2 and it will revolve around both of them.

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