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Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date: Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!


‘Vinland Saga’ is a historical epic action animation series based on a Japanese manga series written and drawn by Makoto Yukimura. The plot is set in the early 11th century AD. It follows Thorfinn, a teenage mercenary who joins the company of the infamous Viking and military leader Askeladd after the latter’s murder of his father.

Thorfinn continues to face Askeladd in duels as he matures, but he always loses. They develop an atypical parental attachment as a result of this approach. The ‘Vinland Saga’ is well-known for its fidelity to Norse history, literature, and mythology.

Numerous characters, notably Thorfinn, are based on real persons, while others, such as Askeladd, are based on figures from the region’s folklore and mythology.

The manga and anime are based on two independently authored Icelandic manuscripts from the 13th century that narrate the Norse voyages to Vinland.

‘Vinland Saga’ was largely recognized as one of those original materials whose anime translation was implausible as a manga series. However, the anime has dispelled any misgivings since its premiere. 

It’s been a time since the conclusion of season 1’s initial run. If you’re curious about the release date of season 2, here’s what we know.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date

There is no way to predict a firm release date for “Vinland Saga” Season 2 since no official announcements have been made. 

However, there have been suggestions that it may be produced. Shuhei Yabuta, the series’ director, shared a sketch of three major “Vinland Saga” characters on Twitter in September 2020. Under each figure, runes are painted that allegedly spell out the phrases sea, son, and two.

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When combined, the phonetics of these words spell out “Season 2.” Yabuta, on the other hand, was eager to reject any premature speculations, declaring that “there is no deeper meaning.”

Similarly, Abiru Takahiko, the director of “Vinland Saga,” said in March 2021 that he was diverted from work on “Attack on Titan” and “The Ancient Magus Bride” by another project. 

Numerous fans suspect in the comments section that his “other job” is indeed Season 2 of “Vinland Saga.” However, this is just guesswork.

Season 2 is estimated to premiere in “late 2021 or early 2022” based on this information. However, this estimate is another instance of guesswork.

While fans may be eager to see Thorfinn’s adventures continue, particularly in light of Season 1’s abrupt, dramatic conclusion — they must wait until Wit Studio makes an official announcement to avoid counting their chickens before they hatch.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Plot And Spoilers

Askeladd attempts to persuade King Sweyn not to attack his country of Wales in the season 1 finale. Askeladd is then asked to choose between Canute and Wales by the King. 

Askeladd, enraged, decapitates the King. Canute, seeing that Askeladd has done this to protect him, decides to take advantage of the chance and murders Askeladd to demonstrate his claim to the throne. 

Thorfinn runs into the royal chamber and collapses, his revenge eternally lost. Thorkell and others catch him as he attacks Canute. The episode concludes with the animation debuts of various comic characters.

Chapters 55 (volume 8) and onwards may be modified in season 2. The Slave Arc is the first plot arc that the second season may cover. Canute is fully aware of how Thorfinn’s quest for vengeance drove him throughout his life. He may decide not to murder Thorfinn and convert him into an enslaved person. 

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Thorfinn may subsequently be sent to work on the farm of a gentle and sympathetic farmer called Ketil. He could find some tranquility there now that Askeladd is gone. Meanwhile, Canute may strengthen his position in both England and Denmark.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Cast

The cast of “Vinland Saga” Season 2 will very certainly appear identical to the cast of Season 1, barring any significant changes and additions. 

Given the events of Season 1, viewers may be quite certain that they have seen the last of performers such as Naoya Uchida and Hiroki Yasumoto. They portrayed Askeladd and Bjorn, respectively (via IMDb). It does not account for possible retcons, time leaps, or dream sequences.

Apart from that, viewers can anticipate hearing Yûto Uemura, Kenshô Ono, and Akio Otsuka reprise their roles as Thorfinn, Canute, and Thorkell, respectively. All of them play significant roles in the forthcoming events of the series. 

The only major surprise in the cast will come in the shape of the several new characters viewers can anticipate encountering in Season 2 of “Vinland Saga.” Season 2’s arrivals, meanwhile, will stay nameless until any formal announcements are made.

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