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qkv, 212, s, k0, Viewers Ratings Makes Star Sports Hindi No. 1 Channel For IPL 2020

Viewers Ratings Makes Star Sports Hindi No. 1 Channel For IPL 2020

Viewers Ratings Makes Star Sports Hindi No. 1 Channel For IPL 2020

In the 13th season of the Dream11 IPL 2020, Star Sports Hindi is marked as the number one channel by the viewers. This week, for the first time, Star Sports is the channel with 1,247,407 (Weekly impressions in 1000’s). 

The channel Star Utsav is in the second position, and Star Plus is in the third position in the list. 

The data provided by BARC in the 38th week reveals that the match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders is the top-rated match in IPL 2020. The MI-KKR match has registered 237,750 (In 1000’s) weekly impressions. 

The second most top-rated match is the match between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings on Star Sports 1 Hindi. And, the third most top-rated match of the season is the match between Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings.

Jay Shah, earlier sec of BCCI, said that about 20 crore people viewed the opening match of Dream11 IPL 2020. The game was between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings on September 19. And the viewership also set a ‘new record’.

“Highest ever opening day viewership for any sporting league in any country — no league has ever opened as big as this,” Jay Shah said, citing Broadcast Audience Research Council. 

The Star India reached about 21.9 crore television viewers across India after summing up the first three matches of the IPL 2020. 


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