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Video Marketing 101: How to Create Video Slideshows?

Around 90% of consumers believe that a strong narrative is essential for engagement. You see, compelling facts and data might help in proving crucial points. But if a brand aims to connect with its target audience and engage them, a story is a must. 

A video slideshow is a creative way to talk to your consumers and keep them rapt. Where can a Brand use Video Slideshows?

  • Explainers
  • Video Blogs
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Tutorials
  • Ads
  • Live Streams
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Product Videos

Video slideshows can add immense value to a business, its social media campaign, or the sales page. If you are still wondering how to go about it, here are some simple tips for you. Follow these steps and create a power-packed video slideshow for your target audience. 

Step 1 – Go to the Video Slideshow Website

Start the process by going to the slideshow maker website like InVideo. Many websites offer a free trial to their clients as well. Check out the details on InVideo before starting the video slideshow making process. 

Step 2 – Create a New Account

Almost 59% of corporate executives prefer watching an interesting video slideshow with music than reading a plain text. Use this opportunity and create your account on the website. 

You see, the majority of the video making websites offer a free account setup. However, marketers need to give details about their preferences and choices before moving forward. 

Step 3 – Start a New Project

Once you are done with the signup process, it’s time to start a new project. Start by giving a title to the project. Check out the pre-existing video slideshow layouts on InVideo and select the best one for your product. 

Video makers can also walk through a tutorial to understand the process or can skip it if they already know it. Many websites offer a pre-built storyboard for the users. It has options like:

  1. Popular
  2. Share a Product or Service
  3. Attract Target Audience
  4. Tell Your Company’s Story, and much more.

Pick the right option and start creating the video slideshow from scratch. 

Step 4 – Select the Video Style

InVideo’s designers offer a wide range of high-quality and fantastic video styles to its users. Marketers can browse through the categories and select the best option that fulfils their purpose. 

The best part about this process is, it allows the user to change their preferences anytime. It also eases out the pressure of getting everything perfect in the first shot. Marketers can spice up their video slideshows by picking up different styles for a single piece. 

Step 5 – Choosing the Right Layout Format

There are two options in this category; landscape and square. Brands that are planning to launch their video slideshows on Facebook and Instagram should go for a square option. On the other hand, landscape layout is ideal if you are making it for TV or YouTube.

Step 6 – Time to add the Videos

Viewers tend to retain over 95% of the message shown in video content, as compared to only 10% in the text form. Brands must not miss a chance to create a catchy and vibrant video slideshow. So, it is a creative step that requires marketers to add high-quality and engaging videos. 

They must make sure that they don’t include any lengthy and irrelevant videos in their slideshow. The majority of the websites accept all the video formats along with an option to upload them in HD quality.

Step 7 – Add Text

InVideo allows its users to add text on their video slideshows. However, it is entirely elective. But a single sentence can add volumes to the video content and make it stand out. Options like adding a logo, quote, or images are available in this category. 

Step 8 – Add Background Music

It’s time to add the right background music to the video slideshow. Browse through the InVideo’s audio library and pick the right track to make the content more engaging and attractive. Marketers who wish to uplift the mood of the viewers can go for happy pop or fun musical numbers. 

Step 9 – Let’s Preview the Video Slideshow

Many websites show a low-resolution preview that primarily helps in deciding on videos, style, music, and text. Use the YouTube editor to make the video slideshow as good as it can be if you are making it for your Youtube channel. It’s time to preview the video content and make necessary edits. 

Video makers should lay special focus on adjusting the video timings, music numbers, volume, and font/color of the text. Marketers can preview the content anytime to check if it satisfies all the parameters.

Step 10 – Publish the Video

Once you are confident of all the adjustments and settings, click the publish option. Please note that you take care of every minute detail before finalizing the content. 

Some Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips to bring out the emotional power of the video slideshow.

  • Make sure you don’t settle for a low-resolution video.
  • Keep the content short and sweet.
  • Choose InVideo software to save time and cost.



These were some simple steps to create an engaging and exciting video slideshow. Video content attaches around 300% more traffic and develops leads. Moreover, over 87% of the brands are already using video marketing tools to boost their ROI. Brands that are yet to start should go for it now.

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