Joe biden Florida Trip
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Vice President Takes A Trip To Florida Underpin The Support Among Latinos And Veterans

Joe Biden takes a trip to Florida for Democratic Presidential Election Nominee, now question arises about the ability to garner support from Latino voters ,a very crucial voting bloc in the sunshine state. Biden will mark his Hispanic Heritage in an event in Kissimmee on sunset of Tuesday.

Then he says,I will talk about how I am going to work like the devil to make sure. I turn every Latino and Hispanic vote,” Joe Biden tells reporters on Monday about his trip to Florida.  The Former vice president spoke that his overall support from Latino voters is very much higher  than the support for their vice president.

Joe biden Florida Trip
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Well however Joe could still win the elections of 2020 in White House without Florida. The state thinking about a linchpin for the Donald Trump who had won the electoral votes in the year 2016. Former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg who has committed to spending $100 million in the state to aid the Biden.

Although Joe Biden advocates seems to be lagging behind with Latino voters, who all of them roughly make up around 26% of the population of the State.An NBC News / Marist College Poll Launch out .

Earlier realistic data shows that Biden is lagging behind the President is liked by Latino Voters, receiving 46%  of their votes from Latino on comparison to 50% support for Donald Trump. Mr. Trump leads Biden by just four percentage measure military households in Florida. Over one-third of the state’s electorate lives in military or veteran households.

Lets see now who wins this Election well the competition is tough now!

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