Using The Apple Card at TMobile Stores Will Earn You 3 Percent Cash Back Starting Friday


If you’ve got an Apple Card, you may already get 3 percent cash back buying products and software from Apple as well as buys at Walgreen, Uber, and Uber Eats. Beginning on Friday, you additionally have the ability to receive 3 percent cash back for Apple Card buys at T-Mobile shops, just in time for tomorrow iPhone 11 launch.

T-Mobile is pushing this new partnership along with a promotion to receive 50 percent off the purchase of a new iPhone with eligible trade-in so with an Apple Card could kick a little more cash your way on what is a solid deal on an expensive phone. Interestingly, T-Mobile says the Apple Cars 3 percent cash back perk applies to all purchase made at a T-Mobile store. So if you really wanted to, you could buy an Android phone together with your Apple Card and receive some cash back.


If you would like to get cash back on your T-Mobile bill by paying with your Apple Card, you can certainly do that as well. But right now, is somewhat inconvenient. T-Mobile informs The Verge you can just receive the full 3 percentage should you use your Apple Card through Apple Pay to make a one-time payment on your telephone bill in person at a T-Mobile store. In a subsequent date, you be able to receive that three percent back to online or autopsy payments, a T-Mobile spokesperson says. For now, it sounds like having your Apple Card for any bill payments made online or through autopsy will just make one of the Apple Cars regular 1 percent cash back.

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