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US Sanctions On Syria- A Horror To Syrian Civilians

Taking a step further to have a better grip at Syria, the US has imposed new sanctions. The sanctions mainly deter Syria to have good diplomatic relations with other countries.

The Caesar Act

Syria is facing a massive economic crisis. Among all this, the Caesar Act asks the government to shun all atrocities and accept a smooth political transition. The sanctions under this Act are meant to be imposed from 17th June 2020. The Act intends to document the crime by the Syrian government on its people, along with its allies Russia and Iran. The name ‘Caesar’ draws its inspiration from an individual that documented Assad’s torture on the civilians, which later came to be known as the 2014 Syrian Detainee Report.

What Do The Sanctions Include?

Along with a halt on bombings, releasing political prisoners, holding accountability of any political prisoners, it also imposes financial measures. These measures target directly target foreign aid workers in Syria. So, the Act asks the President to impose sanctions on whoever is providing Syria with financial, material or technical support in a military capacity on behalf of Syria, Russia or Iran. Also, the target of sanctions includes foreign power that facilitates selling or buying of goods, services and technology in Syria.

Syria’s production of oil and gas with foreign aid also remains threatened. It also bars contracts of reconstruction, supervised by any of its allies.

Bashar Al-Assad
Bashar Al-Assad
source-The statesman

The Problem

These sanctions might come out as efforts by the USA to normalise the turmoil. But when you ask the civilians, it turns into a dilemma. The food is more expensive than ever. People are going hungry for long periods of time. After a decade long of war, Syria’s economy is no more than seriously handicapped. In such a situation, the fear is the new actions might wipe out the remains entirely.

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While targeting Assad’s rule, the USA President’s agenda of maximum pressure on Iran also seems to take shape. All that the civilians wish right now is not to bear the brunt of this agenda and die hungry.

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