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US FDA’s Chief Stephen Hahn’s Remark About Covid-19 Vaccine !Want To Know His Science And Data Remarks? All Details Are Here…

The present situation prevailing in this world is such that, that no one could ever think of it, not even in a mere dream. But this untold and uninvited guest named Coronavirus has made even the superpowers bow down before it.

This unrecognisable and unseen enemy of humanity has proved to be the most dangerous challenge of the whole century. This Covid-19 has claimed thousands of lives and is still counting to go further. It is haunting the whole world at such a pace that it has triggered a brake on the speed of this fast-moving world.

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It is a disease that has proved a disaster just because no particular medicine has been developed to treat this viral infection. The whole world at this point in time is striving hard to achieve success in achieving a life-saving drug against this disease.

To treat this disease, the only option that can save the world is an effective vaccine. Every country is working at a much faster pace to achieve a successful vaccine so that this world can take a sigh of relief.

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Recently, America’s Food and Drug Administration has announced a plan to distribute the vaccine which it will achieve. FDA’s head Stephen Hahn has briefed the reporters about this. He said that his department is very well prepared to handle any outside pressure when it comes to the approval of a vaccine.

Stating further, Hahn has given assurances. He said that his department will give signals to the vaccine only on the basis of “science” and “data” of the trials.
Stephen HahnĀ further added that FDA’s priority is to provide the vaccine as early as possible with every safety norm followed prior to the approval.

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