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US Army Veteran Was Used As A Bait? Bobby Henline Was The Only Survivor During The IED Bomb blast In 2017

Recently in an interview, the US veteran said that he was Bait during the bomb blast. However, Bobby Henline said in his interview that his name and image became viral in social media. The Story about Bobby was untrue. Bobby said that it was the political Democrats who created this news for their benefit.

Bobby Henline had four tours in Iraq where he was a veteran. On a recent talk with bobby, he revealed that he is so much irritated with political leaders for using his name on social media. He also said that the President alleged him and said that he was a looser.

Why Political Leaders Would Use Bobby Henline?

Bobby said that the political leaders are using him to promote their propaganda. In the end, he said it’s not fair for anyone to put theirs into such use.

Recently the Atlantic news launched a story in which a random source defined that Mr. Trump has given disappearing remarks about bobby and his fellow soldiers. Trump called them Loosers and Suckers in the year of 2018.

How Bobby Recovered From The Tragic Bomb Blast?

Bobby was the only survivor who made it out from the IED bomb blast in Iraq. However, he spends most of his usual time in comedy and laugh and also try to spread positivity among the people. Generally most of the time he talks about the veteran’s issue and makes people laugh about it.

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He gained much more attention to becoming the only survivor during the blast. But now his name was used in Anti-trump memes which got viral on so many social media platforms. The post was shared among many groups of people. Most of the groups were from the left-wing in social media.

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Bobby got into Instagram the next day and criticized about how his name was used as a bait in order to promote the propaganda.

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