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Update On Death Of Daniel Prude: Rochester Mayor Fires The Police Chief

Source: Newzander News

Mayor of Rochester, on Monday, fires the city’s police chief and suspends its corporation counsel and communication director over the death of Daniel Prude.

Mayor Lovely Warren requested the Justice Department to review the city’s police department.

At a press conference, she says that she asked the Justice Department to go through body-camera footage from the police officers.

Also last week, police chief La’Ron Singletary has announced his retirement. When he did he said that his handling of the case was being contorted.

What Happened With Daniel Prude?

Daniel Prude
Source: The New York Times

41-year-old Prude was suffering from acute mental health problems. The police were called because he ran out of his brother’s home. The officers found him naked and restrained him with a “spit hood”.

He was held down, and he stopped breathing. Prude died one week later after he was taken off life support.

The police initially reported the cause of death as a drug overdose. But when the body camera footage of the arrest was released, everything became clear.

The footage proved the police’s attempt to cover-up the incident involving Prude. What follows is a summer of protests over racial injustice and policing in Rochester.

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What Measures Are Being Taken By Warren?

Source: The New York Times

Warren calls on the U.S. Attorney General’s office to investigate whether there was violation of Prude’s civil rights.

Also, she directs the city’s Office of Public Integrity to find out if anyone has violated city policies or ethical standards.

Till now, seven police officers involved in the arrest of Prude has been suspended on September 3.

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The medical examiner has confirmed his death a homicide by asphyxiation. Also, the drug PCP was a contributing factor.

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