Unlocking a Rogers Phone


Unlocking a phone is a tricky task. There is a need for unlocking if you are happy with the service provider. Well, this does not work for every user who wants to switch the service. Instead of investing in a new phone, people prefer to unlock the phone and enjoy the service of their choice. Here in this article, we will be discussing unlocking a Rogers phone and unlocking an iPhone by IMEI Official unlock

How to Unlock A rogers phone.

To make a rogers phone work on other networks, you will have to acquire an unlocking code. The code will make the carrier release, and you can easily restart the phone and enjoy a different service. 

Things to keep in mind. 

1. You must know the IMEI number of the device you are using. 

2. It would help if you had a different sim card carrier so that your different network could be supported. 

3. You must know the pin code of the device as it is the basic to unlocking the phone. 

After meeting all the requirements mentioned above, you are freely able to unlock your rogers phone. If any of the conditions discussed above are not fulfilled, the unlocking may not happen. 


Tips For Unlocking. 

  1. For your rogers phone to be unlocked, you need to request the instruction to the system operator or a particular website. 
  2.  After the retrieval of your request, the service operator starts to find your unlocking code, and when it’s found, it is immediately sent to you via email. 
  3. After getting the instructions, you should start following them one by one in the same order to unlock.
  4. Once the unlocking is done, restart the device and with the different carriers in it. 


There is an important feature that the Roger device would not work on Open mobile because of the GSM compatibility.

Unlock iPhone by IMEI official unlock. 

The unlocking of the iPhone via IMEI is an easy and affordable unlocking service. For this process, your IMEI number is whitelisted in the database, which provides you an official and permanent unlocking. However, the unlocking is done, but the warranty is the same.

 Tips you must know before unlocking. 

  1. You must know the IMEI number of your iPhone which is 15 digit number
  2. You would need a website that is offering the unlocking of the iPhone. When you open the site where you would put all the necessary information about your iPhone to proceed with the unlocking. When the request for unlocking is sent, the operator starts to work. 
  3. Now, wait for the unlocking code via email to proceed. Before proceeding, you should back up the iPhone. After the backup, erase the iPhone. 
  4. Connect to iTunes after the Welcome logo is shown on your iPhone. Now restore the iPhone. 
  5. After The restore opens the Update settings where you will have a text message confirming that your iPhone has been unlocked successfully.
  6. After the unlocking, you can use the same sim as well, whereas you can use other carriers as well. 

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