Ultraman Season 2

Ultraman Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Latest Updates


One of the most leading platforms i.e. Netflix for cascading the web series or movies now ready to launch the Ultraman Season 2.

The first season was a series of 13 episodes which was a huge success at the international level and it kept its status trending on various platforms for some time. The popularity and demand have reached such a zenith where makers are going to launch the next season.

Furthermore, after watching the first season it also received great reviews from its viewers. Now the details of the Ultraman season 2 which you all are awaiting is as follows:

Ultraman Season 2 Release Date

As we know it takes quite a long time for an anime to be produced, so fans have to wait a bit longer to watch this new season. Therefore it can be streamed either in late 2021 or the year 2022.

Ultraman Season 2 cast

The cast of Ultraman Season 2 includes as follows:

  •  D.C. Douglas being Edo
  • Josh Hutcherson will play the role of Shinjiro,
  • Tara Sands will act as Rena,
  • Michael Yurchak will play the role of Icarus,
  • Gunnar Sizemore being Seiji Hokuto,
  •  Mick Wingert will play the role of Yapool

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Ultraman Season 2 Trailer

The teaser of the second season has already been released in July 2020. According to this, the new season will help to introduce viewers to the 7.0 suit. It has a strong connection with the final episodes of the first season. The trailer is nearly 30 sec long and you can watch that at 

Ultraman Season 2 Plot

The theme of the story as clearly depicted by the title revolves around a computer that protects the earth by controlling a person who acts like a humanoid robot whose programming is controlled by a computer which is mentioned earlier in this paragraph is classified as a superhero who helps all the common men to live on this earth peacefully and happily. 

This season can be a bit hazardous too because this season contains more than one topic, so it becomes difficult for the viewers to understand its actual script at the start. The powers of this robot compel him to find the powers not only of himself from his ancestral inherits but also he becomes able to find the secrets of others. In the next half of the story, the superhero also comes to know that his father was also an Ultraman whose footsteps he is following.

In the upcoming season, the father and the son pair will be back and the coming generation i.e. the superhero himself not only comes with legacy powers but with the advent of some new powers also. 

This is one of the shocking news for his father because the superhero comes to know the secrets of others he can do destruction also. An alien is also presented in the latter part of the story. In one line it is the heroes who destroy all the evil creatures present on the earth in this season with a father-son relationship.

Some of the characters present are still not guessed because their production is still not over so we can’t predict them till now.  For the latest reason, a line is proving itself again as like history that “goodness always defeats evil energies”.


This is all about the Ultraman season 2 and its newest updates and details. If you haven’t watched the first season you can watch them on Netflix. 

So don’t miss the first season before going for the next season as both are connected to each other. After this, you can also make some guesses about the story of the new season which sounds interesting for you. Please remain connected and stay tuned for further updates and news.

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