UEFA Champions League 2019/20: Return Updates? Who Are The Favorites?

Football fans are finally happy again. Leagues around the world are starting to come back. It is giving football fans something to look forward to in quarantine. Germany had allowed the Bundesliga to come back many days ago. Dortmund played Schalke on 16 May 2020, and fans saw the first taste of high-level football in over 2 months. Other leagues such as the La Liga, Serie A, and The Premier League all look likely to return by the end of June.

Rans definitely want to see the end of all those seasons. But the tournament they care most about winning is the Champions League. It is the dream of every club to win the European trophy. Thus, many are constantly looking for updates about when the Champions league will resume.

UEFA Champions Leauge 2019/20: Return Updates

UEFA Champions League football had to stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic in March. Teams were finishing their Round of 16 matches. But a few teams still had to play the second leg of their matches. After that, there are still three rounds: the quarterfinals, the semifinals, and the finals to go.

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The good news for fans is that UEFA, the European football body really wants the tournament to return. This is because they could lose a lot of money if it does not return. The recent updates suggest that UEFA has plans to end the league by the end of August. They have given instructions to all leagues to wrap up by July so that teams can focus on Champions League in August. But they have not confirmed this yet, so fans will have to wait to see confirmation.

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Who Are The Favorites To Win?

It is difficult to say who could win given that even the Round of 16 is not complete yet. But there are still some teams that seem to be ahead of the other competing teams. Manchester City still has to play the second leg against Real Madrid. But they have a 2-1 lead, and they are playing at home, so they are likely to move on. The impending threat of a two-year ban from the tournament makes them more dangerous and motivated to be the most dangerous team in the tournament.

The other team that looks like it could be the favourite is Bayern Munich. Before the break, Bayern was playing the best football in Europe and was absolutely dominating its opponents. They also have their second leg to play, but they defeated Chelsea 0-3 in Chelsea’s home ground. They are very likely to go all the way.

Which Round Of 16 Matches Are Left


Barcelona drew 1-1 with Napoli and have the second leg at Camp Nou. Real Madrid trail 1-2 to City and have the second leg at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Juventus and Lyon are tied 1-1 heading into the second leg at the Allianz Arena. Finally, Bayern holds a 3-0 lead over Chelsea ahead of the second leg in Munich. Hopefully, fans get to see these matches soon.

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