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Uber CEO Net Worth 2022: How Rich is Travis Kalanick?

Uber CEO Net Worth

Uber CEO Net Worth

Born on August 6, 1976, Travis Kalanick is an American businessman. He is best known as the co-founder and former CEO of Uber. Before that, he worked for a company called Scour that made a file-sharing app. He was also the co-founder of Red Swoosh, which was sold to Akamai Technologies in 2007.

He was the CEO of Uber from 2010 to 2017. In 2017, he quit Uber because of public reports about the company’s unethical culture, including claims that he didn’t act on reports of sexual harassment at the company. He stayed on the board of directors until December 31, 2019, when he gave up his seat. In the weeks before Kalanick resigned, he sold off about 90% of his shares in Uber for about $2.5 billion. Following the sale, in 2017, Kalanick was 238th on the Forbes 400 list of the richest people in the United States with a net worth of $2.6 billion.

Kalanick started a venture fund called 10100 in 2018. It was meant to invest in e-commerce, innovation, and real estate in countries like China and India. That same year, Kalanick said that he was going to invest $150 million in a real estate company called City Storage Systems. He also said that he was going to be CEO of the company. CloudKitchens is the name of a startup company run by the company. Kalanick has invested $300 million in the company.

Travis Kalanick Early Education

Travis Kalanick Early Education

The date Kalanick was born was August 6, 1976. He was raised in Northridge, California, where he lived until he was 18. They are Bonnie Renée Horowitz Kalanick (née Bloom) and Donald Edward Kalanick. Bonn, whose family was from Vienna and moved to the U.S. in the early 20th century, worked as an advertising manager for the Los Angeles Daily News. For the city of Los Angeles, Donald was a civil engineer. He came from a Slovak-Austrian Catholic family whose grandparents came to the US from the Austrian city of Graz, and he worked for the city of LA. It turns out Kalanick has two half-sisters and a brother who is a firefighter. One of them is the mother of actress Allisyn Ashley Arm, and the other is his father.

Before and after school, Kalanick was known in middle and high school for being competitive and driven to win. Kalanick worked for a direct sales company called Cutco when he was a teen. He sold knives to people in their homes. The father of a classmate helped him start “New Way Academy” when he was 18. The company helps people who want to take tests.  After he graduated from Granada Hills Charter High School, Kalanick went to UCLA to study computer engineering and business economics (UCLA). If you went to UCLA while Kalanick was there, you were part of the Theta Xi fraternity. In 1998, he dropped out of UCLA to work full-time at the start-up Scour.

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Uber CEO Net Worth

Travis Kalanick is an American entrepreneur who has a net worth of $3 billion dollars. He earns a salary of $1 million a year. Travis is best known for being the co-founder of Uber, which was a very controversial company at the time. He was born on August 6, 1976, in Los Angeles. He was born and raised in the LA suburb of Northridge, and he went to school there. Afterward, he went to UCLA to study Computer Engineering. In the end, he decided to drop out of school so that he could help start a company called Scour, Inc., which is a multimedia search engine. His group also came up with Scour Exchange, a file-sharing program that works with other people. A company called Scour, Inc. was sued by a lot of film boards, and the company went bankrupt after that. In 2001, he started Red Swoosh, which is another company that lets people share files with each other. Red Swoosh was sold to Akamai Technologies for $19 million in the end.

Uber Ceo Travis Kalanick Personal Life

People call it the “Jam Pad” because it’s in the upper hills of San Francisco’s Castro District and has its own Twitter account. Kalanick owns the house. A penthouse in New York City was bought by Kalanick for $36.4 million on January 1 of this year. In April 2020, he bought a house in Los Angeles for $43.3 million, and he plans to move in. He had a relationship with violinist Gabi Holzwarth from 2014 to late 2016. Kalanick has been said to be a big fan of author Ayn Rand and a big fan of libertarianism. Kalanick, on the other hand, backed Obamacare because it allows Uber drivers, who work as independent contractors, to keep their health insurance as they move between jobs.

Uber Stock Sale

After announcing that he was leaving Uber in December 2019, Travis said that he was done. He was no longer on the board or doing other things for the company. He also said that he had sold 90% of his shares in Uber. In the range of $27 to $30 per share, he sold his shares and made about $2.7 billion. When he sold his shares, the stock price dropped about half over the next six months. At the height of the COVID pandemic, the stock price hit an all-time low of $14.82 (as of this writing) in March 2020. In December 2020, a year after selling his shares for $27-30, Uber’s prospects had changed a lot. On December 4, 2020, the stock price hit $54. At that level, Travis’s stake would have grown to $5 billion, so he left $2.3 billion on the table.

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