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Two Human Rights Workers Killed In Kabul

Two workers of Afghanistan’s human rights commission were killed in Kabul recently. A bomb attached to their vehicle exploded, the latest in an increasing number of targeted killings in the capital city.

The Killing Of Afghan HRC Employees

Right from assassinations of religious scholars and assaults against cultural figures to widespread Taliban attacks across the country, there is a rise in violence. This is depriving the brief optimism of an American agreement with the Taliban. Under the agreement, the US would withdraw its troops, paving the way for direct negotiations between the Afghan sides. And, this was to end the war in a hoped-for political settlement.

US troops in Afghanistan
US troops in Afghanistan

Peace Deal With The US

Also, the peace deal has hit a wall over a prisoner exchange, which was about to enable direct talks. Rather, the violence has intensified. In a recent statement, Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission said the magnetic bomb struck one of its vehicles on Saturday. This killed two employees who were on their way to work.

The Afghan and American officials say the war has entered a complicated time of uncertainty. This has an emboldened insurgency aided by regional powers exerting pressure on a struggling government. Moreover, this often done by cranking up bloody attacks often without claiming them.

In the complexity of the war zone, the U.S. recently said that the Taliban were receiving bounty money from Russian intelligence for targeting American and coalition forces last year even as they negotiating peace with the United States.

Increase In Bloody Attacks

The Taliban have increasingly resorted to assassinations and targeted killings to criminal networks in the cities, a senior Afghan security official stated. Further, they are done by putting pressure on the country’s intelligence agency and law enforcement. In some regions,  the Taliban involved in fatal attacks in the open, but they have refrained from publicizing the attacks. They do this to avoid a direct scuffle with the US so as not to make vulnerable the withdrawal of American military troops.

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Making the battle more gruesome, among the latest victims were some targeted for assassinations, which included five prosecutors. Also, some people shot officials of the Afghan Attorney general’s office, to help release Taliban prisoners.

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