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Twitch Streamer Adin Ross Caught for Using The Phone While Driving Latest News

Adin Ross

Adin Ross is a successful streamer on Twitch but has been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. 

His most well-known debates across the past few weeks involve a fiery argument with RiceGum and his alleged engagement in a cryptocurrency “pump and dump” fraud. 

He was further banned from Twitch beginning last month for displaying a sex scene with an NPC throughout his Grand Theft Auto character performance.

While a telecast on the 6th of July, Adin Ross was previously again found doing something controversial: texting while driving. Adin Ross is one of the most viewed people on Twitch, so it’s challenging to think that someone with so much power and sensitive spectators would do something this unpredictable.

Adin Ross caught texting while driving

It’s difficult to tell what made Adin think that this would be a great plan, but it’s not the kind of behavior you need to advance to your viewers.

Admittedly, texting while driving is prohibited and guilty by the law. Hence, some Redditors think that Adin was driving on a secret path, and therefore, the corresponding rules may not apply. 

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Although if that is right or not, texting while driving is not just unreliable but further wild as it may inspire other helpless spectators to do the same. 

Some users thought whether Adin could get a prohibition from Twitch as the law could be interpreted as self-endangerment.

Earlier, a Twitch streamer “JakeandBakelive” was halted for quickly glancing at his phone to see chat messages while calming down his car.

Despite the unusual situation of the event happening on a closed road and at a special event on individual property, Twitch hit him with a prohibition lasting seven days.

We can imagine whether Twitch will take action toward Adin Ross as his occurrence is similar to that of JakeandBakelive’s. “Maybe if he tactically increases his a**hole before stream stops, he can cap it at three days,” one Redditor humorously said.

We would be shocked if Twitch didn’t take action here, although Twitch has been examined for illegal settlement in history. It happened after Twitch announced a little 3-day prohibition to Indiefoxx.

It would be careless of Twitch not to bring an action as Adin Ross’s immoral act could have finished in a deadly car accident. We are grateful that this didn’t occur, of course, and attempt to renew you on additional development.

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