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Twilight Movie’s Creepy Baby Doll Might Actually Be Haunted

The spooky doll that played Bella Swan’s mixture of human-vampire daughter Renesmee in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, is allegedly haunted.

“Chuckesmee,” as she was to some degree tenderly known on set. Creeped out a significant number of cast and group individuals during recording.

Renesmee is touted in the Twilight Saga books as a curiously excellent kid. Becoming at an inconceivable rate -along these lines provoking makers to create a doll for the character. Instead of the utilization of a genuine kid.

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Doll Used In Twilight Series

Her dreadful highlights spread over the internet and became amusing images, however, some are finding the doll’s “action” more startling than funny.

Breaking Dawn-Part 1 & 2’s director, Bill Condon, was so creeped out by the doll’s head development onset that its whole utilization was rejected, and supplanted with a computerized kid (however the essential frightening highlights remained).


The doll is presently in plain view in Forks, Washington, in the Forks Chamber of Commerce’s Forever Twilight assortment. Which highlights numerous props from the Twilight Saga.

Jezebel reports that the Renesmee doll strange affects individuals. Provoking her to be so continually contacted that she must be placed into a presentation case.

TikTok user abbie23456789 says she was told the doll was spooky during her visit to the Forever Twilight collection. The doll’s liquefying skin (which guardians have no clue comprises of) makes her sticky to the touch.

The creepiest reported thing about “Chuckesmee,” in any case, is that her socks are dirty -as though she’s been getting out and strolling around. She additionally changes position oftentimes.

One day she could be standing straight and the following, she’d be standing some other way

Haunted Doll Revealed By Netizens

TikTok client abbie23456789 likewise says a specialist at the Forever Twilight Collection in Forks revealed to her things near the doll’s case will in general move around bafflingly.

The doll has become a serious fascination for its job in the movie. Yet in addition to its frightening notoriety – it’s the most famous thing in the Twilight Collection.

While some affection it, others “hate her guts,” as Lissy Andros, Executive Director for the Forks Chamber of Commerce, told Jezebel. Ironically the doll has actual guts.

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There are many apparently spooky dolls, obviously, yet what’s especially bizarre about “Chuckesmee” is her assemble and cosmetics. Regardless of whether she’s really reviled is hard to tell.

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