TTDeye Polar Lights Brown Colored Contact Lenses

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to share the brilliant experience that I’ve witnessed with my pair of coloured contact lenses from TTdeye. My first-hand impressions with this brand have been surprisingly good, which is why I’m ecstatic to be able to not only use the product to my heart’s content but also can suggest the same for you all. So, buckle up and let the review begin!


First and foremost, I’m not a coloured contacts person and frankly never was. I have naturally brown coloured eyes, and back in the days, I did try a pair of coloured lenses from a different manufacturer, but the product didn’t suit my eyes at all. And therefore misconceptions slowly started gaining access into my mind and I dropped any plans of opting for coloured contacts in the future. It was due to the hit & miss nature of coloured contacts (whether they’d look good on my eyes or not) which made me stay far, far away from them.

But, it was last month that all of these notions started to change when I stumbled upon a video on YouTube where this woman was raving about how amazing the TTDeye contact lenses were and how natural they looked on people with dark coloured eyes. 

Since I had already mentioned earlier that I had brown coloured eyes, so I was obviously looking for something that would match that colour palette. So, I started doing my research and thereby was lucky enough to find lots of perfect colour options catered for my eyes – but before we go into that details, it’s essential to know that I was pure doing all these out of experimentation and not that I needed coloured contacts by any means. 

I was of the opinion that if this experiment goes well, I’ll adopt coloured contacts to be worn on a daily basis.

My First Functional Coloured Contacts

When I first listened to the name TTDeye, I never thought that the company would have a vast product catalogue. It was only when I Googled the name, and the company’s website popped up on the first result. Browsing through TTDeye’s website was pretty seamless as I had very little to do in terms of searching. Everything was there right before you, waiting to be bought, and that’s what fascinated me the most.

Frequently e-commerce websites are not designed in a user-friendly manner, which leads to increased confusion for the users. But, that was certainly not the case with TTDeye. I was able to find lots of pretty looking colours for my eyes, but what caught my attention the most was the TTDeye Polar Lights Brown Colored Contact Lenses. 

I immediately added the product to the cart after selecting the vision power in both the lenses. I had perfect vision in both of my eyes, which is why I needed to choose 0.00 Dioptre in each eye. You can opt for prescription lenses as well if you want. 

The total cost was coming to around $24.50 along with shipping. However, I was amazed to find out that they provide worldwide shipping at no additional cost, which was a sigh of relief because I don’t particularly appreciate paying hefty amounts for transportation.

The transaction went smooth, and I placed my order for one pair of lenses in no time. Within three days, I received my shipping tracking order, and from that point onwards, it was smooth sailing for me. 

The Time When I Received My Lenses

So, after about ten to eleven days, I received my package via courier. TTDeye did an awe-inspiring job on the package as there was no way that components inside of it would get damaged or destroyed in transit. Inside the package was my set of lenses that I dearly love and along with it came a few accessories. I’m not going to complain as I do love free things, so I have to really appreciate what TTDeye is doing for their customers. 

Apart from that, coming to the topic of the lenses, these come with a brown colour palette and have an incredibly eye-catching design. The colour is almost natural-looking, so you don’t have to worry much regarding your overall looks because these lenses will not be altering the colour of your eyes – in any shape or form. 

Moreover, these lenses have a smooth design and have been built out of soft materials – keeping your eyes healthy. Speaking of eye health, these lenses also come with UV protection, thereby saving your precious eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Comfortability is top-notch, and I have zero complaints regarding the same. However, I need to mention that wearing these lenses for extended periods can make your eyes drier, which is why I recommend using eye drops to keep your eyes moisturised. 

TTDeye recommends that you can use one pair of lenses for at least 12 months and I can easily see my own lenses lasting that long because I’ll be taking good care of them. Furthermore, in case you’re wondering whether people will notice these lenses on your eyes when you go outside – well unless you’re talking with someone in direct sunlight, no one will ever have the capacity to know that you’re wearing a coloured contact. It’s that much natural looking.

So, What Does This Mean Going Forward?

Nothing really, except I’ll be buying more of these coloured contact lenses for myself and will be putting an end to my whole list of misconceptions. Overall, I seriously find these lenses to be pretty significant and the results I received are unlike I ever imagined (because of my earlier bad experience). I had zero expectations when buying these coloured contacts from TTDeye, and I was highly impressed. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for affordable contact lenses that are destined to provide you with great results, then you should definitely check out TTDeye. With their so big lens catalogue, I’m sure you’ll find something or the other for your needs. 


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