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Court And Ginsburg's Coffin Reached There!! Here Are The Details..... - The Tech Education
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Trump’s Visit At Supreme Court And Ginsburg’s Coffin Reached There!! Here Are The Details…..

The saddening news for the US arrived a day or two back. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the US, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died.

The casket of the Justice Ruth arrived at the Supreme Court of the US on Wednesday morning. It is to be placed there for two days. It is the same place where Justice Ruth served for the 27 years of her career.
Thousands of visitors are expected to visit the place to pay their respects to her. In fact, President Donald Trump is also set to visit the venue and pay respects to Justice Ruth.

Source: Google

He is expected to visit on Thursday. The other personalities slated to visit include Bill Clinton, the former President of the US. He was accompanied by his wife, Hillary Clinton too.

In fact, Bill Clinton is the person who is credited with Justice Ruth’s appointment to the high court in 1993. As she will be laid to rest after two days, the speculations about her successor are all together in flames. President Donald Trump is expected to present the nominee for the same on Saturday.

Source: Google

The US capitol right now is high on the political front for the replacement appointment. Ginsburg’s casket was made to enter the Court with full honours along with the family. Even former clerks and the fellow judges were also present at the same time.

Her casket was wrapped with the American flag as an honour to her. Chief Justice John Roberts claimed that Justice wanted to be an opera singer.

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