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Trump’s New Statement Out, Says He’d Support Investigations Into Allegations Against Postmaster General Louis DeJoy!!

President Trump’s Statement!

President Trump said Monday that he’d support an investigation into allegations against Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Moreover, the president even said that he would support DeJoy’s removal if it’s proven that he engaged in illegal behaviour.


It is somewhat confusing what caused the president to jump to such conclusions. There are reports that justify the inappropriate behaviour of DeJoy.

A report says that five people who worked for New Breed Logistics gave their statements against Louis DeJoy. Furthermore, the incidents are of where DeJoy was chairman and CEO for 31 years. Also, he is said to have been “urged by DeJoy’s aides or by the chief executive himself to write checks and attend fundraisers” at the Greensboro mansion.


Moreover, The Post even cited two employees who told that DeJoy would then have the employees’ bonuses raised “to help defray the cost of their contributions,” and that would be illegal.

Also, the Democrats are calling for an investigation into the postmaster general, who is under fire for cutbacks in service at the Postal Office.

President Trump Verdict!

However, the white incident has outraged the President and he is ready to take strict measures against this. As per the president’s statements, he said he doesn’t know much about the story. However, When he was asked if he’d support an investigation into the allegations, he said, “Sure.”
Furthermore, he added that he believes in DeJoy’s honesty. Moreover, to support his statements he said if it would be proved that Louis did something illegal. Subsequently, the president would support his removal. 

Moreover, in an interview, the president said, “Yeah if something can be proven that he did something wrong, always,”.They’ve been looking at me for four years but found nothing.

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The president further insisted: “Four years, think of it. For four years they found nothing. Additionally, he said,” A friend of mine said you have to be the most innocent, honourable man to ever hold the office of president.”

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