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Trump’s Deadly Mistake – Now People Of America Have To Repay For His Mistake! Health Of People At Stake…

Trump’s Biggest Mistake!

You all might be are of the situations prevailing in the U.S.  Here, we are talking about the biggest mistake of Trump in his whole career. He didn’t tell the truth to people regarding the coronavirus situation in the U.S.

He took coronavirus lighter than everything else. Had this not been happening the situation would have been better in the US. This keeping of secret has lead to serious repercussions.

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Who knows who is responsible for the loss of so many American lives? Is it the coronavirus or the President’s negligency. The answer still remains hidden.

Moreover, the opponents almost called him a “Criminal”, He virtually ignored it, possibly being responsible for the loss of American lives.

Trump’s Deeds!

In January Trump also learned in January that coronavirus was more deadly than seasonal flu, which is what he had been passing it off as. Then also, he coaxed the American people instead to think it would pass swiftly.

Furthermore, withholding crucial information from the public about a COVID-19 pandemic that could kill them – nearly 190,000 Americans have died from it and 6.3 million others are infected – is beyond excuse. If he has any decency, he should resign.

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He even said: “I don’t take responsibility at all,”  when he was asked early on if he felt responsible for the coronavirus.

Of all the more than his 20,000 lies and misleading statements recorded by The Washington Post. It was  since Trump took office, this falsehood to the people he was elected to “faithfully” serve as president is beyond a reasonable doubt the most dangerous and egregious. There can be no excuse, no denials because it’s all on tape.

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