Joe Biden And Donald Trump
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Trump’s Chances At Reelection On November 2020!

Trump’s Chances At Reelection On November 2020!

Joe Biden And Donald Trump

What does The Number reveal About Trump’s chances?

The analysis shows that the share of voters in 2020 is comparatively less as it was in 2016. This year Joe Biden is leading over President Trump in 2:1. According to the survey, data reveals that 47% of voters will be voting for Biden, whereas, only 20% will vote for Trump or the third-party candidate. So if the data continues to be the same till the November election, then there is a chance for President Trump to lose over Biden. Also, a survey shows that Biden is leading over Trump by 55 per cent to 39 per cent among the third-party voters.

Trump Faces Troubles

In 2020, troubles seem to be continuously increasing for Trump. The next problem for Trump comes from among the military personnel. A report shows that among the military personnel, Biden is leading over Trump by 41 per cent to 37 per cent. Whereas, as per a report in October 2016, shows that Trump led Clinton just by 20 points.

Another trouble for Trump comes from a significant change in the demographic condition. Trump has been trying to expand the base that delivered him the Electoral College. But Trump’s base comprises a tiny portion. The reports also show that the percentage of voters decreased in 2020 as compared to 2016 by 4%.

So, the US presidents need to put some effort to boost up the percentage of voters to win the reelection 2020. If the president can maintain the lead among the white voters without a college degree, then there is a chance for Trump to win. The latest survey shows that 94 per cent of Republicans say they will vote for Trump and 96 per cent of Democrats say they will vote for Biden.

If the discontentment among the voters with Trump continues, then there is less chance for him to win the reelection 2020. 


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