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Trump Vs Biden: Arnon Mishkin Gave Presidential Election Race A Key Opening

Arnon Mishkin, the Director of Fox News has given a key opening to the presidential election race between Trump and Biden.

Source Fox News

It’s been a year; the present president of the United States of America is struggling too hard to win the next election. However, his campaigns show his efforts for his presidency.

People are confused between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, choosing the better option from the two is quite hard. The present scenario in the voter’s mind is “do I want a Trump second term?” To “Whoโ€™s better โ€“ Trump or Biden?”

Biden: Disclosed

However, to date, no one has overcome the other. There are several accusations on the former vice president as well. He is being accused of being too close to China, Ukraine and the 1994 crime bill.

Source Google

Additionally, it is predicted that he is a supporter of “defund the police” as well.

However, this fact cannot be neglected that, Joe Biden is one of the rare candidates, who have been nominated in two generations.

The citizens of the United States might do not have much attachment towards him. However, the election is about Trump.

The supporter of one party can quickly point out the weaknesses of the other partyโ€”meanwhile, Biden’s imperfections were also been cited.

In one way, it can be cited that, trump’s supporter are with him blindfolded. But this situation with Biden is entirely Unfamiliar. They are less supporting Biden and More against Donald Trump.

Let us see how could the status quo be better!

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