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jp3, tqd, j, r, ob, qb, pt, w, qk, 9, 0, sw, v9d, bh, y, 2, Trump Says The 'Real Test' Lies Ahead In His COVID Fight -
Donald Trump
Source: CNBC.com
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Trump Says The ‘Real Test’ Lies Ahead In His COVID Fight

Donald Trump
Source: ABC News

President Donald Trump, on Saturday, said from his hospital room that he felt “much better”.

He adds that in the coming days, he will face “the real test” of his treatment for COVID-19.

A White House team of doctors revealed that the president was already talking about returning to the White House.

One among them said that Trump told them that he felt like he will be returning to his work that very day.

What Did Mark Meadows Say About The Health Condition Of Trump?

Mark Meadows
Source: ACQRO

But Mark Meadows told the reporters contradictorily that Trump’s vitals in the last 24 hours were “very concerning”.

He further says that the next two days will be critical in terms of Trump’s condition.

But, it was later found out that Meadows gave those comments on the condition of staying anonymous.

So, when that did not pan out like he wanted it to, Meadows altered his tone within the matter of a few hours.

He told Reuters that Trump was indeed doing “very well” and that the doctors are happy with his vitals.

Meadows have not yet clarified discrepancy in his comments.

How Did The President React To Meadows’ Initial Remark? What Does Trump’s Doctor Say About His Current Situation?

Dr. Conley
Source: The New York Times

One of the president’s adviser said that Trump was not happy when he got aware of Meadows’ first remarks.

Administration officials have stated that Trump is being moved to Walter Reed only for a precautionary measure.

He will be staying at the hospital for some days.

Another source revealed that Trump was administered supplemental oxygen before being taken to the hospital.

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In fact, Trump was only hospitalised after his oxygen level dropped.

Dr. Sean P. Conley told the reporters outside Walter Reed that, as of Saturday, Trump is no longer having any trouble while breathing.

He says that “The team and I are extremely happy with the progress the president has made,”

However, Conley did not gave any answer to the question of the date of Trump’s possible release from the hospital.

Conley also said that Trump was “not yet out of the woods”, but his team is hopeful for the best outcome.

With all these confusing remarks surrounding the president’s condition, people are left questioning their authenticity.

A political analyst at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics named Kyle Kondik said “Today’s spectacle – doctors saying one thing, White House sources saying another thing, and both later amending their statements – only reinforces the credibility problems of this administration,”

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