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Trump Offers $275 Million Contract To Build Wall In 2021

The Trump Wall has been on the news for quite a while now. Immigration is an issue that the President takes quite seriously, and he even has some very strong opinions about it.

Trump Wall

The Trump Wall has sparked quite a debate amongst the public, with some even calling it downright disgusting and inhuman. ICE has been holding detainees in centers that look like concentration camps. The illegal refugees who cross over to America from Mexico have been put in these detention centers.

Trump has officially given a contract for $275 million to Caddell Construction Company. The wall will be a 14-mile long barrier, in and across the city of Laredo, Texas on the river, Rio Grande. It will be built in January if Trump is re-elect as President for a second term.

Donald Trump

Construction of the wall be done on private estates in the neighborhood, and US government lawyers have already sent out lawsuits so they can access the property to survey and measure the land. It includes people’s homes and businesses and even an orphanage. The property will be seize the law of eminent domain, and that means the government can seize a citizen’s property.

The wall was already built after Caddell create a prototype back in 2017. As of now, 162 miles have already been built, and Trump promised to finish the wall by the end of the year.

Negative impacts of building the wall

Trump has a clear vision of a wall built to keep out illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico. Although it doesn’t seem like he thought it through because the environmental damage that it will cause is enormous.

The most damage that can be done is to the wildlife that lives there and the plants. Another thing major thing that environmentalists are worry about is the division of Rio Grande. Not to mention the government be breaking several laws if the new wall is built on this environment.

Trump’s justification for building the wall

Trump tries to justify building the wall by saying that it will keep illegal immigrants out from Mexico. The immigrant problem is a growing problem in America but it can be handle in a lot of different ways.

Donald Trump

Although the Trump administration seems to label the term ‘illegal’ on a lot of things including people who seek asylum at the border, the land does not belong to either country. He calls it an ‘invasion’ as a derogatory term for the immigrants that come to America in hopes of a better life.







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