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Trump Imposes New Restrictions On Visa Applications

Trump unleashed new restrictions on foreign workers in a recent proclamation. It blocks entries of several foreigners, and this proclamation will extend till the end of 2020. The proclamation also provides denial of green cards to applicants in several via categories.

Categories Of Visa

The new regulations also include changes for asylum seekers, to the H1B visa category. The companies in the US mainly use this, usually in the technology sector in order to bring highly skilled workers. Nothing new for the Trump administration, it defended itself by saying this is to improve unemployment. The proclamation endorses ideologies that of adviser Stephen Miller to use executive power to impose restrictions on visas.

The visa categories restricted are mainly non-immigrant categories. These include H-1B, L, J and H-2B. Apparently, the restrictions do not address temporary workers who are trying to enter the US using those Visas.  Objections have come from the technology sector. These have long relied on the H-1B visa category for workers such as software engineers and programmers. The United States issued about 188,000 H-1B visas last year companies say those workers are crucial to their competitiveness.



The proclamation includes an exception for H-2B workers in the foodservice industry. Industries where such workers fill positions as crab-pickers and cannery workers. The H-2A visa category for agricultural labour is not subject to restrictions.

Along with other changes, the administration also made it difficult for immigrants with pending asylum claims to obtain work. They will now have to wait a full year to gain eligibility. In the past, immigrants seeking asylum in the United States typically were granted work authorization quickly so that they could support themselves financially while waiting for U.S. immigration courts to process their cases.

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The Effect Of Pandemic

The pandemic has deeply affected international travel and reduced visa applications at U.S. consulates abroad, so knowing the real impact of the restrictions is difficult. In February, the State Department issued about 640,000 nonimmigrant visas to temporary workers, tourists and other visitors. Last month, the number fell to 40,000 — a 94 per cent decline.

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