Trump Held Off Source As He Asked For Options Attacking Iran Last Week

As we all know President Donald Trump is lefty with just 2 months of his term. So last week he asked for the option to attack the Iran’s Main nuclear site, but then gradually he decided against taking the step, as said by a official on Monday.

The request was made during an Oval office meeting on Thursday last week with the national security aides which included Vice President Mike Pence the state secretary Mike Pompeo, the new current Defense Secretary Christopher Miller and General Mark Milley, the chairman of joint chief of staff.

The New York Time confirmed the news of the meeting of the account which gave the reports that the advisers persuade Trump not to go ahead with the strike and war news because of the risk of the broader conflict.

“He asked for option they gave him the scenarios and he ultimately decided not to go forward,” the official said.

As we know Trump is all set to compete his 4 years term of his presidency and now ants to engage in an aggressive policy against Iran, when he withdraw in 2018 from the Iran nuclear deal when he negotiated with Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama and also imposed Economic sanctions in oppose to many Iranian targets.

The Trump appeal was done just after the UN’s report where a watchdog gave a word that Iran had almost finished moving their first cascade of advanced centrifuges from an above ground plant and the main uranium enrichment site is just underground.

Iran’s 2.4 tonne stock of low and enriched uranium is now at a deal above 202.8 kg limit. And it produces 337.5 kg in the quarter that is even less than 500kg as per the records take previously of two quarters by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

So in January Trump ordered the US drone strike where it killed the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani at Baghdad’s airport. And he has shied away from the border tensions and so US troops are bound to revert their troops from global hotspots in order to stop “endless wars.”

So pacing ahead a strike at the Iran’s main Nuclear site which is situated in Natanz can spark up a new conflict and will cause a serious foreign policy problem for the President elect Biden.


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