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Trump Fears To Lose Support From The Military Because Of Alleged Disparaging Comment On War Dead

Donald Trump Fears losing support from the military in inching presidential elections. Trump has not been able to deny the allegations, published by the Atlantic.

What is the disparaging comment?

The Atlantic, magazine published an article which stated the Donald Trump had termed the war dead as “losers” and “suckers”.
Reportedly, he made this statement after he had cancelled one of his trips to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018.

Is this comment valid?

When the story first appeared, Trump demanded the aides to begin denying the information. The president took the issue on his twitter. He mentioned how the magazine only worked on spreading “hate and fake news’. He even termed the author of the article as a “con man”.

Trump, in his defence attacks Atlantic Co-owner Laurene Powell Jobs.

He called on his fans to bombard the co-owner of the magazine.





Trump had been very upset with the top brass’s of Pentagon for not standing in support of him.
Therefore during the Labour Day conference, he accused the top Pentagon military leaders of being beholden to defence contractors.

The three Trump campaign advisers believe that as time passes the Allegations will begin to lose importance unless these sources of the story become public.

One of the advisors mentioned that an autonomous source does not have a substantial impact, unlike any other claimed source. The advisor said, if Kelly, Martis, or McMaster had been the source, it would have made a stronger impact.
However, the article did not mention any of these names.

Trump fears the comment would hurt the military support (risky, as presidential elections will take place soon) for him. He yet is putting in best efforts to deny the report and telling everyone what has he done for the military.

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