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Trump Calls Biden As The ‘Worst Candidate In The History Of Presidential Politics Who Doesn’t Know He Is Alive’

Trump Calls Biden As The ‘Worst Candidate In The History Of Presidential Politics Who Doesn’t Know He Is Alive’

On Saturday, at a rally at the Minden-Tahoe airport, Trump calls Biden as the ‘worst candidate’ who ‘doesn’t know he is alive’. The rally also violated Nevada’s coronavirus regulations.
Trump said, ‘He is the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics. He doesn’t know he is alive.’
During his 90 minutes speech in the rally, Trump jumped from one topic to another. He attacked the Democrats, complained about coronavirus regulations, and also about the BLM protests. Even he came up with the issue of the smell of smoke in the air from the wildfires.

The people in the rally yelled saying ‘four more years’ and ‘we love Trump.’ They were holding placards with ‘peaceful protesters’ written on it.
President Trump added, ‘We have a debate coming up in three weeks and here’s the problem. Winston Churchill was a great debater.’
Also, the president insulted Biden in every possible way in the rally. He said, ‘if he gets off the stage they’re going to say it’s the single greatest debate they’ve ever seen. Winston Churchill was nothing compared to Sleepy Joe.’ In addition to this, Trump said that Biden is still in his basement, and railed against Biden’s son Hunter.
President Trump talked on Biden’s capability to keep the US safe and that he Biden would ruin the economy. ‘I think 1929 would look like good times,’ Trump said.

Apart from all these, Trump also attacked former Democratic rivals. He talked about Hillary Clinton’s emails, which was a famous line for him on the 2016 campaign trail. He complained about Barack Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Trump said, ‘Obama came into office they gave him the Nobel prize almost immediately. And he had no idea why he got it, and he was right about it. I’m a hell of a lot better president than he is.’

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