Travelers Season 4

Travelers Season 4: Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!


‘Travelers’ is a Canadian-American science fiction drama series developed by Brad Wright, well known for his work on ‘Stargate.’ 

The sitcom was originally broadcast on Showcase in Canada before being acquired by Netflix, and as a result, it is also accessible to a global audience. It debuted in Canada on October 17, 2016, and internationally on December 23, 2016.

The story centers on a group of future operatives transported to the twenty-first century. Each team member has a unique set of skills (medic, historian, engineer, etc. ), enabling them to collaborate to prevent or influence “historical” occurrences. 

The travelers’ consciousness is implanted into the bodies of humans whose historical death dates allow the crew to carry out their tasks without changing history adversely. 

The program has gained widespread critical praise and is a fan favorite. The critics have also lauded it with The New York Times describing it as ‘tasty’ and ‘enjoyable science fiction’ with some attention-grabbing embellishments and superb performances.’ If you’re a fan of ‘Doctor Who,’ you should check this show out.

Travelers Season 4 Release Date

Season 3 of ‘Travelers’ aired on Netflix on December 14, 2018. Regrettably, for viewers, the sitcom was discontinued shortly after its third season debut. Eric McCormack, the actor, announced the news on social media. 

“While many of you have inquired about the prospect of a fourth season, others have said, ‘Look, if this is it, what a dramatic, unexpected, and meaningful conclusion,'” McCormack wrote. 

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“Indeed, it is. Who knows what the future carries, but Travelers Program 1 is now complete as we affectionately refer to it. Much love from 3468 in the twenty-first century.”

Regardless of the cancellation, supporters should not give up hope entirely. There is still a remote chance that another network may pick up the program. We will keep you informed of the ‘Travelers’ Season 4 release date if that occurs.

Travelers Plot

‘Travelers’ starts hundreds of years in the future, when the earth’s surviving humans find a way to transport consciousness back in time, especially to the twenty-first century, to take control of certain individuals to alter the course of history and humanity’s fate.

Why is this modification critical? Naturally, humans have screwed everything up, and the future is post-apocalyptic. 

Here we meet the genuine ‘travelers,’ a term used to refer to the hundreds of special operators who strive to avert society’s collapse by going back in time. They do not travel physically, but their awareness is sent back in time. 

It is then passed to the hosts, i.e., the bodies of modern persons. One may reasonably inquire about the influence of this traveling on the timeframe. Fortunately, these agents only take control of hosts who are on the verge of death, minimizing the timeline’s unforeseen effect.

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While the transmission needs the target’s precise position, this is not difficult in the twenty-first century due to cellphones that provide GPS and TELL, or time, elevation, latitude, and longitude. The operators must know about the controlled hosts and what better method to accomplish it than social media and public data. 

Once undercover, they must live the host’s life in complete secrecy while carrying out their operations in five-person teams. It is organized by a character from the future known as the Director, who aims to avert disasters. 

Due to the Director’s inability to enter a host without murdering them, prepubescent children are the only safe communication method.

We learn throughout the episode that the passengers adhere to a code, as any honorable operative should. 

The rules are as follows: the mission always comes first; never jeopardize your cover (2H: Historians who receive periodic updates on timeline changes must never reveal them to their teammates); never take or save a life unless otherwise directed; do not interfere or reproduce; and, in the absence of direction, maintain the host’s life. 

Apart from that, the Director may apply procedures in an emergency posing a danger to the passengers or their purpose.

Although the future is bleak, the program leans toward optimism and humanism. A program about science fiction also avoids becoming too futuristic, instead of focusing on how the gang of travelers adapts to the twenty-first century.

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