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Nowadays, mobile phones are turning out to be the most personal thing we own. It keeps you in touch with other people, and the thought of being cut off from the rest of the world is unbearable. Smartphones are the common need of today’s people, and life is almost colourless and blind without this device. We are so used to this device that we can’t even imagine spending a single day without it. A day without your mobile phone can largely impact your daily routine activities and what if you lose your mobile phone. 

Well, the fact is it takes a few seconds to lose your smartphone or for it to be stolen. But the feeling of losing your device either through your mistake or theft is stressful. So if one’s smartphone is lost and wondering how to track the stolen device don’t panic. Technology comes forward with the solution as it has a way out for you. Your mobile phone comes with inbuilt tracking methods that assist you in tracking if you lost them. However, most smartphones lack advanced features that can prove really helpful. So if you think your device is not secure enough that you can get it back or track it check the following phone tracker app list or visit

Best Smartphone Tracker Apps 

The following mobile tracking apps can’t only track the location of the device but also can track the activities on the target phone. Below we have listed the top mobile tracking apps to find or track the location of lost or stolen mobiles for free. 


  1. Where is My Droid 

This one is the remarkable phone tracker to track the location of a lost or stolen device. When you install this app, it makes your device ring and makes the volume up when you lose it. And if the target phone is not near enough so you can hear it, then the app sends you the location linked to Google maps. 

Some Prominent Features of Where’s My Droid 

  • This app remotely lock your smartphone 
  • Track the location of the target device 
  • Prevent your device from unauthorized app


  1. mSpy 

When it comes to the best tracking app, mSpy app is the most effective option. It comes with the unique features that allow you to control your target device. Unlike many other apps, it does not change the setting of your device and does not only give you access to locate the location of your device but also allow you to check the activities of the target device. 

Moreover, one blocks the different features on the target device through this app. Once one will arrange the list of applications that he/she wants to block, then it will be impossible for the user to open those applications on the target devices. Furthermore, in case your smartphone is lost or stolen this software protects the data on your device. 

Some Notable Features OF mSpy

  • GPS tracker 
  • Instant Alerts 
  • E-mail Insights 
  • IM monitoring 


  1. iSharing 

Unlike most tracking apps, the iSharing app does not only locate your stolen devices; also, it keeps track of your other family members. Moreover, with the help of this tracking app one can create various groups and monitor the live location of each group member. It also allows you to save the location history of any group member. 

iSharing Notable Features 

  • This app work as a walkie talkie
  • Allow you to locate the location 
  • Real-time Alerts 


  1. Find My Device 

Find My Device is one of the most efficient and popular apps. When one loses his/her device, the app after locating the exact location of the smartphone activates the setting of safeguarding the saved data. And if one loses a device somewhere near this app automatically turns up the volume and one can easily locate the device by ringing. Other functions of this app include a complete list of indoor maps for places like malls, stadiums, vital landmarks, and airports. 

Common Features of this app

  • Track the battery and network status 
  • This device even work in the silent mode 
  • Display both outdoor and indoor maps. 


  1. PanSpy 

PanSpy app is considered the best tracking app especially for Android devices. This not only lets you track the location of any target device, but one can monitor the calls, messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, E-mails and almost all other apps. 

Most Common Features of PanSpy 

  • Monitor Social Media Apps
  • Track live location
  • Remotely control the apps

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