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Tommy Fury And Molly-Mae

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae’s New Villa

Love island fame Tommy fury and Molly-Mae Gauge are settling into a new lavish €1.3 million Cheshire Apartment in the heart of Manchester. The social media influencer reveals some visuals of their brand new apartment using Instagram story features. Moreover, this unexpected pop up has left a chill in the spine of their fans.

This news came into existence after the couple lost their pet pup which was imported from Russia. The couple turns emotional as they shared the unfortunate news with their fans. The puppy which joined them just four days ago is no more. Besides, the couple deeply regrets their idea to import the pup from Russia.


Their new apartment in Cheshire is decorated tastefully with grey accents and bright white walls. The bathroom is super stylish. It has a Richie rich look with marble tiles and a huge bathtub along with a walk-in shower. Furthermore, the living space is quite spacious. It boasts a stunning fireplace to get some cozy moments during chilling winters. There are lavish glass windows through which natural sunlight can flood into the apartment.

Also, the windows are decorated with sheer white curtains. Absolutely the purpose is to let the couple enjoy some private or romantic moments. There’s a big lawn just connected to living spaces.

Undoubtedly, the couple can enjoy tanning in sun. Apart from this, the kitchen is super stylish with wine cooler, sexy and glossy cabinets along with top-notch mod cons.

The social media savvy couple is receiving good wishes from their fans on social media.

We too wish them a married life with a lot of happiness and prosperity.

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