Tips That You Need To Follow To Avoid The Spread Of Coronavirus On Thanksgiving Parties

 Tips That You Need To Follow To Avoid The Spread Of Coronavirus On Thanksgiving Parties

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All the citizens of New York are requested to keep the Thanksgiving ceremonies small to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. Huge public gatherings can become the ‘super spreader’ events. 

Effectively New York is revealing every day COVID-19 cases adds up to that haven’t been found since May, and occasional social events could additionally uplift the flood, authorities said.

On Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated that he believes that the situation is going to deteriorate in the upcoming weeks. And that there will be an increase in the number of covid cases. 

New York and New Jersey have both issued orders that limit private, in-house social affairs to close to 10 individuals ahead of time of the Christmas season. New Jersey is breaking everyday records of cases as of now.

On Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said that the upcoming holiday season won’t be the same as the previous ones. It would be a little different. He also mentioned that it is all of our responsibility to avoid such gatherings that can lead to the spread of the virus. Everyone needs to be cautious about the spread of the virus. 

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said occupants should keep their Thanksgiving festivities little and as safe and secure as could be expected under the circumstances. Latimer also suggested to celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving ceremony more privately and enjoy the ceremony only with your close family members and relatives. 

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The Tips Provided By The Westchester County Health Department Are As Follows:-

  • Allow Fresh Air Inside The Room – Keep all the windows open in the room to allow cross-ventilation. Also, switch on your kitchen exhaust fan. Apart from this, you can even invite your guests for a walk, a turkey jog or a climb in a recreation centre.
  • Leave it to the cook – Do not allow visitors inside the kitchen. Avoid sharing food with anyone. Evade passing platters from individual to individual. Assign one individual with gloved hands to serve buffet-style from a central area. Use Mask Or Avoid Going Out – Wash your hands properly with soap at least for 20 seconds before having meals. It would be best if you sanitized your hands frequently. Ask your guests to wear masks when they are not eating or drinking. Request that your visitors decrease their contacts and expected introductions for the fourteen days preceding their visit. 
  • Remind your visitors to remain at home on the off chance that they have any COVID symptoms or a fever, are anticipating COVID test results, or are under isolate or seclusion orders. Have your returning undergrad limit their introduction to other people and get tested. Undergrads ought to likewise wear a coverall through their movement home when around others, regardless of whether via plane, train or vehicle, with windows open.

“It is especially important to keep uninvited germs out of your holiday meal, so wash your hands thoroughly when you arrive and before you take that first bite,” Westchester Health Commissioner Dr Sherlita Amler said.

“Good hand hygiene can help reduce the risk of flu, Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses.”





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