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Tiktok And WeChat Are Going To Disappear From App Stores In The U.S!!Here Is Everything You Must Know…

The rift between the top countries in the world has always proved a disaster. This is the same situation of a rift between the US and China that has arisen. A lot of problems have occurred between the two nations. Starting from trade war and then the spread of Corona, all of these have fueled the tensions.

The diplomatic ties between the US and China are going through the most challenging times ever. This rift has affected even the top companies of these nations. In a recent move against China, the US President has announced the latest update on the Chinese apps Tiktok and WeChat.

Source: Google

The Trump-led US administration has announced that the US citizens will not be able to enjoy the apps Tiktok and WeChat. The whole notification says that from this Sunday, WeChat and Tiktok will not be available on the American phones for downloading as these apps have been banned.

To be specific, this ban has an immediate effect on the video-sharing and messaging app WeChat. This app will not be available for download from the app store from this Sunday. Even the app WeChat will be disabled from the phones with an immediate effect from the above-said timeline.

Source: Google

While Tiktok has been given a time frame till November 12 for its operations. However, downloads and any update will not be available for the app from this Sunday.

The Trump administration wants Tiktok to sell its operations to a US-based company for its operations there.
To crack the deal, Oracle is in talks with the Tiktok app’s parent company right now. Other players like Walmart are also eyeing on the agreement.

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