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Thom Brennaman Suspended From Reds Cincinnati!! But Why? Get A Sneak Peek Here!

Thom Brennaman Suspended!!!!

Broadcaster Thom Brennaman is allegedly suspended from the channel Cincinnati’s Games. But why? Thom Brennaman’s suspension for using anti-gay slurs on air by him. On Wednesday night when Thom Brennaman was on air on Cincinnati’s Games, he used some Anti-gay slurs which were somehow problematic. That ultimately resulted in his suspension. This is a particularly terrific incident which left the audience in shock.
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About Homophobic Slurs

On Wednesday night,  the seventh innings of the doubleheader were ongoing between Reds and Kanas City Royals. The innings was held in Kanas City, Missouri. So what happened, after a commercial break, Thom Brennaman forgot that he was on the air. So before resuming his duties, he made a problematic slur on the LGBTQ community. He was heard saying, “One of the f*g capitals of the world”.
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The context behind that Anti-Gay slur is still unknown. After realising his mistake, a statement was released seeking an apology. The statement stated: “I would like to sincerely apologise for the inappropriate comments I made during last night’s telecast.
He accepted his absolutely terrible mistake. Thom Brennaman also apologised to the LGBTQIA community. He stated that he is definitely sorry to the people who were hurt or offended.

Reds, Cincinnati Organisation Suspended Thom

 The Reds also released a public statement regarding the same. The Cincinnati Reds Organisation was totally devastated by the homophobic slurs made by Thom Brennaman. They only announced the suspension of Thom Brennaman from all services. Additionally, they also promised to get in touch with the team to address the same incident.
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